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Do you think Malala rocks? So do we!

Can you imagine spending your birthday with The United Nations? We can’t either!

We are so proud of Malala and want to send her a message. Won’t you leave a shout-out in the comments section below? We’ll send them to her for her 16th Birthday with a cool, iTwixie Revolution Birthday Package!

Way to go, Malala! The world is watching you SHINE and all girls around the world are more confident because of YOU! Woot woot!



(Photo Credit: Mike Overall)

  1. Happy Birthday to one of the strongest girls the world has ever seen! Have a wonderful birthday and never stop fighting! ~ Wykkyd Angel (Amanda)

  2. Happy birthday Hope u have a good one


  4. Malala you are an inspiration to young women everywhere who don’t have the rights they deserve. I am inspired by you. You are such a strong and powerful girl. Happy Birthday Girl!!


  6. It’s an amazing thing that you are doing. I am a huge fan of yours!!! Good luck and have a happy birthday! You are making history. And we are all standing with you. You rock!!!

  7. Happy 16th Birthday Malala!! You are so brave and awesome! You’ve inspired lots of kids to stand up for what they believe in! Have an amazing birthday!!! :) ~Orangeisawesome123 (Olivia)

  8. wow!!! i’m so happy that u, along with the other people in the world, would do something so brave!!!
    -coolpurple (maddy)i hope u have the best birthday evah!!!:)

  9. Happy Birthday Malala! :) You are amazing and I’m very proud pf the way you are standing up for your beliefs! :) Keep it up! I’ll help in any way I can!-Gertie1999 (Sarah) Have a happy birthday and many more!

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