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Find Your Superpower February

What is YOUR superpower? Follow these 3 steps this month to figure it out!

What’s My Superpower?
Your superpower is a talent, gift or skill that makes you special and different than anyone else. In a world that makes it seem like it’s good to all be the same, we want to help you take a moment to celebrate how unique YOU are. No one is like you. No one. Look in the mirror today and tell yourself this simple truth:
No one in the world is just like me.

And then try these 3 things to figure out your superpower. By the end of the month, we’ll make a huge list of all of the different things we figure out that are making each and every one of us so individually special. Ready?

1. What do you LOVE to do?

2. When do you feel proud of yourself?

3. Is there something you do that people notice and praise you for doing?

Answer these 3 questions and post your answers right here. We’ll put together all of your answers and share them with all of you, to help inspire each of us to understand how special and unique each one of us truly is. We treasure each and every iTwixie girl on the planet. YOU ROCK! You are our superheroes!!!

  1. Happy LEAP DAY! It’s the last day of Superpower February! Let’s hear from YOU!

  2. 1.I love watching the walking dead with my dad

    2.I’m proud of my self when I’m caring my baby brother

    3.I give 3 hugs to Ritchard from walmart he is so nice :)

  3. 1) I love to write poetry, stories, informative articles, and articles discussing topics that make make me think deeply
    2) I feel proud when people read my writing and start a discussion about it with me or compliment my writing
    3) I think I am very praised for my deep thinking and elaboration of deep topics

  4. 1. I love to read.
    2. I feel proud of myself when I make an A on a test.
    3. People usually praise me for making all A’s on my report card!! ;)

  5. 1. I love to swim and read
    2. I’m proud of myself when I do good in a competition or when I help people.
    3. I like when people praise my hair. People compliment my swimming, abilities at school, and kindness

  6. 1. I love to play softball
    2. I feel proud of myself when I accomplish something difficult.
    3. People notice my sense of humor ;)

  7. The things i love are:
    1. Dancing
    2. Gymnastics
    3. Soccer
    4. Netball
    5. Singing

  8. What do I love to do?

    1. Gymnastics
    2. Cheerleading
    3. Help/inspire other girls
    4. Write poems
    5. Shop for new clothes/makeup

    When do you feel proud of yourself?

    I feel proud of myself when I work hard during gymnastics or cheerleading. Even if me or my team does not place in a competition I know I did my best because I will be proud of myself. I also feel proud of myself when I take chances and share my voice with other girls. Public speaking has always been hard for me so I always feel very accomplished after I speak.

    What do people always notice/praise you for doing?

    People always notice how I can be very positive, even in a negative situation. Some people call me cheesy for this but there is nothing wrong with trying to find good in everything! People always praise me for working hard. Even though it is a lot of work, (laughing emoji), I love the feeling when I finally achieve something I have been working for which is main thing that keeps me motivated.

  9. 1. I love to sing:)
    2. I feel proud of myself when people come to me whenever they have trouble spelling something.
    3. I am known all over my school for being the champion speller five times in a row. They ask me, “How do you do it?” :)

  10. I love to:
    1. Solve problems
    2. When my solutions actually fix the problem! lol
    3. People are often so amazed at how positive I am! I love it when people feel good when we’re together or are communicating – sometimes just being the kind, friendly person in the room can make another person’s day – it’s amazing


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