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girls can change the world
Girls Can Change the World. Period.
"Not just a girls' problem: the economic impact of menstrual shame" www.theguardian.com

rencontre européenne taizé 2013 Ok, girls! Here’s what we’re working on in the Girls Can Change the World Club on iTwixie! TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

site rencontre mariage belgique Our friends from the Day of the Girl Summit, just shared something with us that we think you will agree needs to change. Even better? We know we can change it. Now. Period. rencontre les filles de bamako  

site de rencontre son inscrire http://www.hawkerucc.org/monaxinja/3041 THE CHALLENGE
There are girls in other parts of the world who have to STAY HOME FROM SCHOOL when they have THEIR PERIOD because of SHAME, BULLYING and NO SANITARY SUPPLIES. Girls STAY HOME! Once a month! Because of their PERIOD! Are you saying, how can this be? So did we!

rencontre У xv france 2 rediffusion http://www.cccbc.net/mardyl/3795 THE FACTS ABOUT A GIRL’S PERIOD
1. Your period is natural and is a beautiful part of growing up to maybe have children one day. All healthy girls get it. Period.

2. If no one teaches you that your period is natural, beautiful and something every girl gets, then you are not going to feel ready when it starts and you may feel shocked and worried about it. If someone teaches you that your period is natural, beautiful and something EVERY girl will experience, then you’ll feel better about it coming and you can get prepared for it. It’s that simple. Period.

3. If someone is allowed to make fun of a girl because of her period, then that community is going to suffer. Poking fun at a girl is never a good idea. But poking fun at a girl’s period, is not just bad for the girl, it’s bad for the family, class, the town, the city, and it’s bad for our whole world. Know why? Because the future of our whole world depends upon all of us helping our girls understand their bodies, stay healthy, be smart and bold and brave so they can grow up and help our world become a better place. This, girls, is a fact. Period.

http://www.canmarkindustries.com/mimido/4785 WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?
In many parts of the world, there are a lot of different things you can buy to make sure nothing happens to your clothing during your period. We often call them sanitary supplies. But in some parts of the world, girls cannot buy these kinds of supplies. Do you know why? Because in those parts of the world, there is a shame that’s associated with menstruation. It’s considered a “private” thing. Girls hide when it happens. Or sometimes, there’s just nothing for them to wear to keep their monthly menstruation from showing on their clothing. Doesn’t this sound impossible? But it’s true! That’s why girls will stay home from school during their period. Girls can miss so much of school that sometimes they DROP OUT! And if they go to school, they get bullied by boys and others if their menstruation shows on their clothing. It’s a ridiculous situation because our periods are NATURAL! Our periods are how our bodies get ready to have babies! So let’s get real here: NO ONE SHOULD BE BULLIED EVER, BUT ESPECIALLY FOR SOMETHING AS NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL AS A GIRL’S BODY LEARNING HOW TO GET READY TO HAVE A BABY!!!!! There’s no shame in having our period!

sie sucht ihn goch WHAT IS YOUR PERIOD?
A girl starts getting her period, or menstruating, when she begins to go through adolescence. Some girls start as early as 10 or 11 and some girls don’t start until 16 or 17. It’s different for each girl. But the thing is, during adolescence, a girl can have her period, or menstruate, for about a week per month. During this time, her body will make the nutrients it needs to feed a baby. When the girl doesn’t need these nutrients, the body gets rid of them. It’s at this time, when the body gets rid of those nutrients, that we call it “your period.” The body sends those nutrients out via the vagina. So a girl’s undergarments can get completely covered if she’s not wearing something to absorb it.

femme cherche jeune montreal WHAT WE CAN DO
Join the Girls Can Change the World Club!
So let’s support girls around the world to feel good about their bodies! Let’s help girls get prepared to have monthly periods! Let’s keep girls in school so they can be smart, bold and brave women in the world!

Let’s hear it! Say yes!

So, girls, are you ready to start changing the world?

Photo credit: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2014/oct/30/costly-periods-economic-impact-of-menstrual-shame

  1. I got my period about a year ago it isn’t that bad so you shouldn’t be worried like @edelene said you should be exited because you are growing up! It is you body’s way of showing that you are healthy!

    But we should do so something about this it is unfair that girls around the world are missing out in education because of their periods.
    We should figure out a way to have a drive for sanitary supplies for Girls around the world then we could find a way to ship it to these girls around the world we have so much extra time that we waste sitting around when we could be changing the world one step at a time ( think about it if we all pitched in the world would be so much better so let’s do something about this! GIRL POWER!!!!

    • A Supplies Drive would be so cool! Think about the look on their faces when the girls see that there actually is a way to cover up your menstrual cycle in public. That’s a really great idea.

  2. You guys haven’t mentioned the scary part: periods aren’t just “nutrients leaving your body via the you-know-what”. It comes out in the form of blood. How’s a girl supposed to know that if she isn’t told EXACTLY what it is and looks like? I thought I was dying when I first got mine!

    • You’re right, @kraziekiya, we didn’t even mention the amount of blood that an average woman or girl loses each month. It’s about 3 teaspoons, or 80cc’s. Now, each of us is different. That’s just the average. But even though it’s such a little amount of blood, it makes all of the fluid red, which is why a lot of girls say they are “bleeding.” But they aren’t really bleeding. Their bodies are getting rid of the fluid because they don’t need it.

      Even so, when you get your first period, please be sure to tell your parent or guardian. You’ll want to make sure everything you’re seeing, feeling and thinking about is healthy. But hopefully, you’ll be ready! No one wants to be shocked the first time she gets her period!

      Hope this helps!

  3. I am a bit nervous about mine… I have never had one before…

  4. I had mine about two years ago.

    If you haven’t had yours, let me tell you, it isn’t so bad. Your period is just another way of your body telling you that you’re very healthy and you are able to have kids someday ^-^ Sure, you may get cramps once in a while, but there ARE remedies. So don’t be disappointed when you get your period, in fact, you should be glad you got it! It’s a part of life, all girls get it. There is nothing disgusting about it. If nobody had their periods, nobody would exist.

    Be happy for your period because you’re growing up :)

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