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Congrats to Writer of the Month
February 1, 2013

Here is the entry that won iTwixie Writer of the Month for iTwixie’s BEST January! KEWL!


“I could feel winter bite my nose. An odd warmth took over my toes. In the dark, the lights shined in rows…along the stadium. I was at the Super Bowl, rooting for no one in particular. I walked up  and down the rows of seats. My dad loves to be early, so we came half an hour before it starts. Usually there are tailgaters here. The sounds of bustling people, shouts, and calls of “hot dogs, hot dogs! I got fresh hot dogs!” Now it was only the sound of the wind whistling through the stands. Then, everything went queit. I mean, everything. The wind stopped. The cold went away. I turn around. Right in the middle of the football field is a giant UFO. I only have one second to grab onto the railing before light blinds me and I’m pulled a way. ~ lifeliver166


Congratulations to lifeliver166! Just send your mailing information to Info@iTwixie.com and you will receive your uber cool journal!


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And here’s a big thank you to our friends at Compendium, for providing the coolest writing journals for our Writer of the Month!


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