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Happy Birthday to Malala

Happy Birthday, Malala!

Write a birthday wish for Malala, right here!

She is amazing. She stands with girls. She stands with us! We can all learn about strength, character and friendship from Malala. Let her inspire you! Here’s the speech she gave when accepting the gift of citizenship from Canada. It’s not a party speech. But it is an AMAZING speech. Watch it! And write your birthday wish!

Isn’t she amazing? Now sign her birthday card, by writing your birthday wish to her right here, in the comments section below. Pretty cool!

(Photo Credit: Child-Education-Positive-News. Video Credit: YouTube and CSPAN)


  1. Oh, and also happy B-day!!!

  2. Malala is awesome! I love her <3

  3. happy birthday you are awesome Malala

  4. How old are u and guess my age! Glad u finally talk to me! :o (trying to make a relieved face) :( Sorry! :)

  5. my grandpas cookings supper

  6. My grandpa cooking supper

  7. :o hi supermarystar!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Malala!!!!! You are awesome!!!

  9. U are awesome malala

  10. Happy B-day Malala! your such an amazing person!

  11. Happy birthday Malala

  12. Happy birthday Malala

  13. Happy birthday! You are an absolutely courageous and incredible person, Malala.

  14. happy birthday! womens rights!!! keep it up malala <3

  15. happy 16th! womens rights!!! keep it up malala <3

  16. Happy birth day ,malala!!!!
    You are my roll model

  17. Happy 16th birthday !!!! I hope all goes well on you’re special day Malala :-D ;-) :-D

  18. Happy birthday Malala!! *Claps*

  19. Have a happy birthday, Malala! You are an amazing person :)

  20. Happy birthday, Malala! Be glad, ur birthday is in the cooler part of summer. Mine is in the hottest part of summer.

  21. As you said,”if you pick up a gun in the name of Islam,and kill an innocent person,you are not *insert your religion so no one takes offence* anymore. Thank you,and happy birthday,for you are amazing!

  22. Happy birthday Malala! You deserve a lot more than just a couple comments on a video(not to be laughed at though) but a personal thank you from everyone. As you said,”if you pick up a gun in the name of Islam,and kill an innocent person,you are not *insert your religion so no one takes offence* anymore. Thank you,and happy birthday.

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Just love this – you are amazing Malala. We take so much for granted in our world. We need to step up our efforts and make this world the place we want it to be!

  25. Happy B-Day Malala! You inspire millions across the globe! I did a project on you for Nation History Day and won a special prize!

  26. Happy birthday Malala!

  27. Hi happy birthday

  28. I hope she had a fantastic birthday! :)

  29. happy bday malala

  30. Malala is truly amazing.

  31. That speech gives me goosebumps.

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