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October 18, 2016

Are you new to iTwixie? Terrific!

iTwixie is all about us. Our world. Our way. What we want. And what we can do when we all work together.

It’s an iTwixie revolution!

When you join iTwixie, you become part of the iTwixie Nation! It’s a nation of challenge. There’s always something cool to challenge you to do something, solve something or experience something new.

What’s so cool is that you can keep up on how other iTwixie girls face challenges, too. And there are challenges that all iTwixie girls can take on together.

When you join iTwixie you can:

  • Create your iTwixie profile page
  • Add your voice to iTwixie’s Polls!
  • Write blogs about what matters to you!

Tell your parent or guardian about iTwixie and see if you have permission to join the iTwixie revolution now!


  1. iTwixie , girls rock. Me and my Girls are making aa club called IGCC, International Girls Creation Club. Love Ya’ll

  2. New member! From what I’ve seen, this site seems pretty cool.

  3. Its cool to be a member of Itwixie nation…..and I m proud to be one.

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