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There are always things you can do to help others. We have used a website called Charity Navigators to locate this worthy charity. Be sure when you send help that your help goes where you want it to go and goes for what you want to do in helping.

We chose City Rescue Mission, Oklahoma City because it is so close to the tornado area and because it is so well-rated as a charity.

You can write, pray and/or send money to the charity of your choice. Whatever you do will make a difference to those suffering from this disastrous tornado strike.

iTwixie Girls Make A Difference!


(Photo Credit: Charity Navigator)

  1. i saw a pic of 2 little girls, hurt and crying. one was holding a doll.sad! i want to help

  2. This tornado was a big one. I feel so bad.

  3. What happenned in Oklahoma is so sad. I had a tornado near my house when I was younger that wiped out some of our neighbors houses and it freaked me out. It was by the grace of Jesus Christ that we are ok to this day. Will be praying for these victims. :)

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