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Our friends at the Denver Zoo are joining with a Colorado group called Unite for Literacy who invite us all to read their books for free, forever, and so share their books with friends and family.

They are excited to have people explore their Wondrously Infinite Global Library that is full of picture books that are so important families around the world.

This is how you can help:

  • Ask a parent to look at this site with you. It is called Unite for Literacy.com
  • You can read or listen to one of the books and share it with a friend.
  • Be sure to tell our friends at Unite for Literacy what you think.
  • AND then tell as many BFFs as you can all about it!

You can even tell all your iTwixie BFFs all about it in the comments section below ;)

DenverZoo_logo      Unite for Literacy

(Photo Credit: Unite for Literacy) 

Buy Viagra with visa in Warren Michigan, Where to buy Viagra without prescription in Coral Springs Florida

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