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Photo by USDAgov

Tell all your BFFs what was fun about your Spring Break! Here are some things you might want to include:

1) Did you go somewhere new or stay home and chill?

2) What was your absolute fave thing about this Spring Break?

3) Who did you spend most of your time with (no real names, please!) and what did you like most about that time?

4) Did you see or do something you consider extra special over Spring Break? (the first robin in your yard, a special zoo, a concert, shopping with Mom, Spring cleaned your room, etc. )

5) What would you include for your next Break? (more of the same, really want to do “this” next time, see more of my BFF, …)

Thinking and writing about a special time makes it stick in your memory — plus we get to share your fun, too! ¬†Just write your Spring Break comments in the comment section below this article. Can’t wait to hear your stories ;)


  1. 1) Stayed home
    2) I didn’t take spring break, but I finished some of my subjects for the year, like math and grammar. That was pretty awesome.
    3) My family. 1 friend I only see at church, 1 is across the country, and 2 of them were visiting another friend of mine who is also across the country :P
    4)My cat caught a chickadee :D it survived cause my sister stopped him from eating it. It was actually pretty miraculous.
    5)Chilling at home with books.

  2. 1) Stayed home.

    2) Spending time with my mom :)

    3) I spent a lot of time with my friend and my mom. I just liked seeing them. :p

    4) I went skateboarding for the first time. We’re going on a trip tomorrow to end off break.

    5) Waste less time on the internet.

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