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November 10, 2013
School Girls

This month we are feeling so grateful — and one of those things we are grateful for is our great friends!

Now here’s your chance to give back: Nominate your BFF to be our beYOUtiful Tween for November.

Tell us about a girl you know who stands out because she is truly unique, whether she’s a:

  • stellar soccer player
  • rockin’ drummer
  • every dogs best friend
  • …or just goes out of her way to be super nice to everyone around her!

beyoutifulNext week on November 16, we will start voting for the most beYOUtiful from those nominated by iTwixie girls. So be sure to tell us why you entered your BFF here! It’s a great way to show you care — and earn your friend a 30-point achievement!

Can’t wait to hear about all the beYOUtiful girls on iTwixie ;)


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