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January 17, 2013

The first picture (above) is an abstract by LoveNotSpoken. She says “They first one (the squares) is my own. I got bored in school and decided to draw. Abstract is my best work. I guess my major.”

Art Credit: MiliniumFalconess

This is my Heroine character Tasha! Thanks! Lara-Jak out!


Floor plan by lifeliver166
Art Credit: lifeliver166

“Barney Haiton floor map” by lifeliver166

Art Credit: lifeliver166

“Andre’s Pic” (characters–barneyhaiton)


City by GalacticLullaby
Art Credit: GalacticLullaby

This is my watercolour of a city evening. My username is GalacticLullaby and I’m 14 years old. :)

Drawing by Hairycherries
Art Credit: Hairycherries

This is Hairycherries, I’m 14 years old, and this is just a picture I drew when I was doing a picture a day challenge, and I liked how it turned out :3 

Ariel by LoveNotSpoken
Art Credit: LoveNotSpoken

I did this by looking at a picture of her and it led from there. I am a big fan of Ariel. Now, this one is kind of like a minor. Im not the best at drawing people!! LoveNotSpoken (age 12)


So, how fun is this? Send in your art and see it right here! New art will be posted every Thursday.

Just email your art to submissions@iTwixie.com. Make sure you include your username, age and any questions you want to ask.

Kewl, right?



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