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iTwixie Spotlight: Write Like Her

Introducing  important questions to ask when you start dating iTwixie Spotlight!

http://etsa.fr/lipeck/1119  Writer in the Spotlight is @Gertie1999.

iTwixie asked Gertie1999 a couple of questions to help you get to know her. Have fun reading her answers and the first chapter of her book!

site de rencontre gratuit koweit iTwixie: What part about writing do you like most?

rencontre hasard Gertie1999: Being able to get my ideas out freely and making up characters and their personalities. It is just so much fun and gets my ideas flowing.

visit iTwixie: If you could be any character from any book, who would you choose to be?

http://serezin-du-rhone.fr/pifpaxys/7894 Gertie1999: Hmm…Probably you could check here Summer from the book http://www.negocioseninternetrentables.com/flomance/6379 Wonder by R. J. Palacio

http://bernardisantiques.com/?kosmodrom=telephone-portable-senior-free&e78=a5 iTwixie: What kind of feedback would you like to hear from iTwixie girls? a) editing ideas b) where they would like the plot to go c) what they like best from this chapter d) other (your choice)

site de rencontre gratuit jecontacte Gertie1999: d) All of the above are welcome. I love to hear people’s opinions on my writing!


Here is the first chapter of a book Gertie1999 is writing! See what you think and let us all know in the comments below:

Worlds Apart

Chapter One

I’m not that smart. People often tell me I am but I’m not… Never have been, probably never will be. Why else would I struggle on tests and quizzes even though the teacher has been going over the material for a few weeks?

I see my life as a slideshow. Remember those days when the teacher would show a slideshow on the projector on a Friday afternoon and you would be longing to go home and do what you wanted to do? That is how I see life. My memories can kind of be spread out just like that. One memory after the next but some are in fragments. And then when your parents tell you a memory you have long forgotten you can’t help but wonder when was I there? My body must have been there but my mind must have checked out.

I sighed as I sat in my chair in my Math class. I looked around and saw the usual obnoxious people. It seems they always come in and never miss a single day but the nice, decent people miss a day or two.

I’m different than most people my age. Mostly it’s the things I like. Instead of being a fan girl over the usual no talent singers and all I love The Beatles and David Cassidy.

I’m not the most popular girl at school. In fact, I’m probably the least popular. Kids say “Eww” as I walk or “Oh my god!”. I’ve always been the least popular though. I can see why too. I wasn’t as pretty as half the girls at my school though. I was skinny, but I wore glasses and I wasn’t the “same” as all the middle school girls expect you to be. It’s as if you stand out for one second then wham they start saying rude comments to you and talking you down.

The only time I can ever really find true friends is online. It’s easier to find friends on there. Because instead of having to look everywhere for a true friend you can just simply find a fan site and right there you can talk to a bunch of other fans.


Remember, let Gertie1999 know your thoughts in the comments below!

(Photo Credit: Pebbledash Grey)

  1. I really like it, I am really excited to see chapter 2.I am also a writer and sometimes when I’m bored I like to blog. maybe I will see you around.
    Good Luck :)

    Faith <3

  2. I meant to put The Beatles and Leave it To Beaver sorry guys *Blush

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