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January 18, 2013

citas con hombres holandeses CONGRATULATIONS GalacticLullaby! You are iTwixie’s Writer of the Year!

Check out her fabulous paragraph, right here:  

Recommended Reading rencontre ado chat redirected here I’m walking in the park, arm-in-arm with my boyfriend,  Blake http://payneortho.com/?markyre=ligar-chicas-italianas&8ef=05  . We’ve been dating for several http://prettytallstyle.com/birkof/3577  months and it feels like we’re just meant-to-be. I fan my face with my homemade paper http://itwixie.com/?rimotyr=site-rencontres-bio&bbd=6a  fan that he bought me for my birthday. Suddenly we hear someone scream: “Ahh!! Call 911!!!”  site de rencontre tchat nrj http://metodosalargarpene.es/ebioer/4083 We turn around and see… a group of children standing in a circle. The expression on their faces tell me something is very wrong. I pull out of Blake’s grasp and instruct him to call 911 . He doesn’t move, but instead grabs my arm. His eyes plead for me to stay. Blake is the kind of guy who doesn’t like to be left alone. But this is an emergency. I run towards the kids and bend down. My nursing instincts kick in immediately. I check the pulse of the little boy lying in the grass. His eyes are closed shut and he’s as pale as a sheet . I gulp. There’s no pulse. There’s no movement. There’s no helmet. site  ~ GalacticLullaby

iTwixie writers ROCK!

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