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read here radiocarbon dating trees I stare at the pool. I know I can do it. Just jump, I keep thinking. But how do you make a big splash? The splash has to be at least 6 feet high to qualify for the next round. I hold my breath and…bend my knees so far that I’m nearly squatting. I push off with all the strength I’ve got left. My feet leave the diving board as I curve in an ark, my hands 1st, then my head, shoulders, all the way down to my feet. As I hit the surface, I hear the crowd hold their breath. I smoothly cut under the surface, all my muscles pumping. as I resurface, I don’t hear applause, or cheering. As the judges discuss my splash, I hear a voice in the crowd. ” You can do it!” my BFF Amy shouts. As the judges slowly flip over the scorecards, everyone holds their breath. There are some doubts creeping into my brain, but I shake them off as I look at the judges, my heart racing. 10, 10, and 10! “Yes!” I scream over the crowd, my voice echoing through the stadium. My whole family and Amy race down, with shining faces. “You did it!” shouts Amy racing over to hug me. As her arms wrap around me, I whisper in her ear, ” I’m sorry.” Then she hugs me even tighter back and whispers, “me too.” Soon, my parents surround me, and I know this is where I belong.   @coolpurple

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(Photo Credit: Remco Douma)

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  1. thats me !!!!!! :) awesome!!!! coolieo!!!!!:)

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