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Let’s ALL Make a Splash this June! How? Easy!

Want to read a lot of good books? JOIN ITWIXIE’S SUMMER BOOK CLUB

Have a hankering for something yummy? TUNE INTO THE ALL-KNEW COOKING CLUB!



Whatever it is, go for it and MAKE A SPLASH! And then tell us how, right here. You will inspire us to do what makes us feel splashy, too!

And get ready… we’re going to choose a BLOGGER OF THE MONTH for June! So who is a splashy blogger to you? Get ready to nominate her!

AND THERE’S MUCH MORE IN STORE, GIRLS! So get out there! Hang out with a new friend! And be sure to share your ideas, too! Here’s to Making a Splash this June, right here, on iTwixie!



Photo credit: steve.garner32

  1. hi in june I went to the beach. my brother came along so there were plenty of splashes.

  2. I wish June wasn’t over

  3. its July its not that warm but it has been i love the warm niss already my grandma is goingto take me swimming

  4. Yay! Blogger of the month has started!!
    I wonder who I should nominate??….

  5. When does the summer book club start and what are we reading? I need something to read even though I already own so many books ;) also, I am wondering about the cooking club and blogger of the month. When do those also start?


  7. I told my crush I liked on the last day of school, and then I ran away. I feel so stupid, but I also feel bold, strong, and hopeful.

  8. So, who will people nominate as blogger of the month for June?

  9. Yay! Blogger of the month contest!
    June is going to be awesome!!!!

  10. Awesome pic gills!

Where did you buy Viagra in Omaha Nebraska - Purchase Viagra (sildenafil citrate) in Waterbury Connecticut

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