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September 20, 2013
scratch card copy

Some amazing peeps at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – one of the best schools in the world – created this Scratch to help everyone learn how to CODE. Sound too techy for you? It’s not. It rocks. You gotta check it out!

Here’s how:

1. Just click Scratch and then click on Try It Out

2. Put together the pieces to the right, like this:

scratch 2 copy

3. Now click the green flag

See how you just made an animated avatar? Pretty cool, right?

It’s that easy! If you want to save your designs, the game you create or the animated avatar you design, just click here and join – make sure a parent or guardian says it’s ok first!

So, what do you think? Fun, right? Share your designs with us!

(Thank you, scratch.mit.edu! You rock!)

  1. We do scratch projects at school! It is actually very fun to use.

Where did you buy Viagra in Palm Bay Florida, Buy Viagra 100 mg in Bridgeport Connecticut

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