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New BeYOUtiful Contest

je ne rencontre pas de nouvelles personnes Who do YOU think is BeYOUtiful? Nominate her now for iTwixie’s BeYOUtiful Tween! Here’s how:

additional reading Just write her name in the comments section below and tell us why she is BeYOUtiful to you. Is she funny? Smart? Super comfortable in her own skin and makes you want to be that way, too? Does she inspire you? Give a SHOUT OUT by telling all of iTwixie what you find BeYOUtiful.

http://inspirationbygod.net/firet/658 That’s it! Next week, on June 16,  we will vote for the first, ever iTwixie’s BeYOUtiful Tween Contest. And we’ll list all of the girls who are nominated and why… how cool is this?

https://www.virgo.com.tr/fioee/916 http://www.3www2.de/marcipanu/262 ALL iTwixie girls rock at being BeYOUtiful!!

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http://huntersneeds.net/rigaro/6756 (Photo Credit: GabrielaP93)

  1. cherche travail comme femme de chambre a bruxelles I nominate ITwixie Admin and GalanticLullaby and Lubist, they are so sweet and understand me and help me when I’m down and can always find a way to be there for me and they are just so amazing beyond words!

  2. I nominate gertie1999! She’s one of the most amazing people I know. She’s always there for me when I need someone to talk to, she’s so brave, she’s funny and smart, and she is who she is despite people who put her down for it! She deserves this more than anyone, she really is BeYOUtiful inside and out!

  3. For once, I’m going to nominate someone outside of iTwixie. Because this girl is my best friend who is always there for me. This girls name is Alyssa and she is always caring, silly, and herself. She can get really mad at people when they call her mean, pushy, ect. But I understand that this is herself and she can’t help it. She is always there for me. During hard times. Easy times. Good times. Bad Times. And she is absolutely beautiful, even if she doesn’t believe so. So this is who I nominate. The most beautiful girl I know. :D

  4. I would like to nominate missmonkey. She is one of the most “real” people ever. She is always lots of fun, cheery, smart, and silly (in a good way!) She is my idea of someone who is truly BeYOUtiful.

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