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This story is by @silverlynx and was written for the Writer of the Month.  Congratulations, @silverlynx for winning Writer of the Month and for sending in this amazing entry! Check out these cool answers by @silverlynx:

1) What part about writing do you like most?

My favorite part about writing is that you can wander freely in your imagination. You can make your character do stuff you normally won’t do, like, getting a nose piercing, or getting a snake as her/his pet. I wouldn’t do both.

2) If you could be any character from any book, who would you choose to be?

This is a difficult question! But I think I would like to be the Elf owl Gylfie, from Guardians of Ga’hoole, by Kathryn Lasky. Gylie, though small, is strong and intelligent. She’s my favorite character.

3) What kind of feedback would you like to hear from iTwixie girls? a) editing ideas b) where they would like the plot to go c) what they like best from this chapter d) other (your choice)

I like to see what my readers like about my story. Positive feedback is very motivating. I like to hear if my stories are enchanting enough, or spirited enough. I dislike shallow story-writing.


I have always wanted to take martial arts classes. I love the grace and power of a good kick! As I went for my first class, I saw, Bella, the girl who I once was a friend with. But she was mean to me, therefore I broke the friendship, Ever since she’s been mocking me. When she saw me, she sneered at me as if saying, looks like the loser girl Nadia has taken to martial arts. Kung Fu isn’t for you. I glared at her.
”Welcome, Nadia Andrews. I’m glad you’re here,” teacher Madda said.
She may be short, but her body was straight and muscular. I wouldn’t like to get in a fight with her.
She smoothed her hazelnut hair and said, ”Class, greet Nadia Andrews. This girl is taking Kung Fu!”
Bella spoke up sneering,
”She’s such a puny thing. How is she going to do Kung Fu?” I gritted my teeth.
”Bella, you better shut your sneering mouth before the teacher puts you in detention.”
Bella laughed. ‘
‘The teacher likes me,” she replied, leering at me.
”I wouldn’t, if I was Madda,” I snapped.
Bella stepped forwards. And slapped me. I staggered back and fell on the ground.
Bella snarled at me, ”Better go home and sulk, won’t you, Nadia?”
I got up. ”Never.”
Bella smiled. ”Then face me,” she hissed.
”My pleasure,” I spat back.
I got up and tossed my hair, and walked towards the line of students, who were staring at me. I fastened my red hair in a pony tail, my green eyes glinting with anger.
”What are you staring at?” I snapped.
The students sniggered. They were all at Bella’s side. No one wanted to mess with Bella.

Back at home, I sulked. I plunked down on my bed, feeling horrible and furious. Kung Fu was just rotten with those rotten students, who cared more for Bella, then for Kung Fu. Kung Fu refers to the strengthening of the body and mind. I would strengthen my body and mind, against Bella’s. I tossed a pillow in the air and watched it fall. Hey, maybe I can improve if I start aiming. I got up and grabbed the pillow. I tossed it in the air. I kicked. I felt my toes brush against the pillow’s edge. Nearly. I tossed it again. I kept on kicking until I mastered kicking the pillow. It took work, and I had epic fails and great victory. My last kick was great. I tossed the pillow in the air and aimed and kicked. My bare foot landed in the middle of the pillow.

”YES!” I yelled. ”I did it!”

The door opened and my older sister, Ellen, came in.

”What ARE you doing?” she demanded.

”Practising,” I panted. She knew what I meant, and she grabbed the pillow.

”Block it with your arms. The pillow’s the enemy,” she said.

Ellen did many martial arts. She’s a black-belt in Kung Fu.

”I’ll help you,” she said.

She threw the pillow at me. I tried to block but it hit my on my head.

”Fail. Try again,” she said.

She threw it at me. I blocked it, but my arms were in loser Kung Fu position.

”Bad,” she said.

”I know,” I yelled as she threw the pillow towards me.

That block was better. It was hard.

Then she said, ”Well, that’s enough. Show me your kick.” I showed her.

”Not bad,” she said. ”Teacher Madda should be proud of you.”

When I walked into Kung Fu class the next day, teacher Madda wasn’t there yet. The students were clustered around Bella, gaming with their phones or gossiping. This was so bad. They didn’t learn, they cared only for gaming and gossip. I decided to learn them a lesson.

”GET UP,” I yelled.

They looked up in surprise. Then Bella said, ”Oh, it is little Nadia Andrews. So, try to join OUR group? No way.”

I replied, hissing.

”As if I want. Kung Fu refers to training your mind and body…but so far you are only talking about CELEBRITIES and BOYS and GAMING. And so far as I see, you’re not doing any effort in Kung Fu. Bella, I do not see any evidence that teacher Madda likes you. It is a down right lie.”

They were shocked. ”I’ve practised my aim every day. My aim has improved. And yours, Bella? Yours?”

I grabbed my backpack and pulled out my pillow.

”Watch,” I said.

Bella smirked. I tossed the pillow high. I jumped, my foot landing right in the middle of the pillow.

Then I grabbed the pillow, tossed it to Bella and said, ”Throw it to me. Hard.”

Bella looked as if her birthday had come earlier. She threw it at me. I blocked easily.

”My sister has done Kung Fu and she’s way better than you and me. If you met her in a fight, you would either be in the hospital or you would run away. I want to be like her. Even better. I want to be like her and teacher Madda. You show no ambition whatsoever. It is disgusting. What do you want to do, Bella? Flirt? Gossip? Not me. I want to be a black-belt in Kung Fu. And I’m going to be.”

I picked the pillow up. I was about to toss it again for me to kick at but teacher Madda came in.

”Good work, good speech,” she said.

There was a look of horror on Bella’s face.

”Class, practice time. Onto the mat! Nadia, you first.”

I got onto the mat. Madda took a large hard cushion.

”Kick me,” she said.

I aimed and kicked.

”Faster.” I kicked again.

Then Madda dodged. I slipped into a Kung Fu position and aimed. I missed the middle. But my aim improved. I had to be a black-belt.

Ellen was such a help. She was like a second teacher Madda. She taught me many Kung Fu moves and positions. After an hour practice, she said, ”Well, that’s it for today. You’ve done well. Have you surprise Madda yet?”

I nodded. ”Very.”

I can’t wait for tomorrow, when I start my fight with…Bella. ”I’ll show her,” I hissed.

”Who?” Ellen asked. ”Bella.”

The next day I went on the mat opposite Bella. She looked livid.

”Bow,” Madda said. We bowed.


Bella aimed a kick at me. I blocked. I slid into a Kung Fu position, calculating until the next blow. Bella aimed for my stomach. I dodged. Then I kicked at her, my foot’s heel shoving her off balance. I didn’t hurt her, but I put her off balance. Then she got up and punched my lip.

”FOUL,” the class roared.

Punching is not allowed. Madda looked angry.

”Do not do that again!” she snapped.

I felt blood on my lip. I licked it away and kicked Bella. She dodged, my my toes grazed her hip. She kicked my leg. I fell. I got up and blocked a head blow with my arms. I slipped into a Kung Fu position, glaring at her. Come and get me. I practised for months. You didn’t. She looked nervous, her eyelashes batting nervously, and she was breathing hard. For a moment we stared, both enemies. She aimed for me. I leapt out of position. Then she went mad. She grabbed my arm in a totally un-Kung Fu way, and twisted. I felt pain, but my mind mastered it, like Kung Fu tells you to do.

”FOUL!” The roar was louder, more anger in it. I ducked in a low Kung Fu position, slamming her hand away. Then I kicked her leg. She fell. I held her. ‘

‘You won, Nadia,” said teacher Madda.

I looked up, gasping. There was only silence.

Silence. I had won. Hard training, pain, no chatting with my friends, it had paid of for this.

”If you keep up like this, you’ll become a black-belt in no time,” teacher Madda said.

”I’ll continue. I will keep up the work,” I said.

I looked outside. The rain which had been pouring all day was gone, only revealing watery sunshine. I closed my eyes and smiled.

Try to be a black-belt and practice, it won’t be the same. You’ll work hard. You will have pain, you can’t really do anything else. But it is worth it. Really. You shall be proud. I mean it. And it is not only about Kung Fu. It is with everything. Work hard, and you shall be rewarded. It is worth it.

The End.

Would you like to be iTwixie’s next Writer in the Spotlight? Just send something you have written to submissions@iTwixie.com and you could be chosen!  


(Photo Credit:  net_efekt)

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