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Nominate a BeYOUtiful Girl

Do you know a BeYOUtiful girl? Write her name and why, right here, in the comments section below. Next week we’ll vote for iTwixie’s BeYoutiful girl for February!


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  1. i nominate my best friend julie she has stuck by me thick and thin when the boys harrass me and hurt my feelings she says don’t worry their idoits and i would laugh since the accident with alex she has made me smile more than i have before so if that is isn’t a best friend then idon’t know what is

  2. 1)I nominate my cousin Samantha. she is so out going and the she’s never afraid to let anyone knoe her personality. She has braces but they always complete her look and usues them to her advantage! Go Sam! @samantha_mulroonie (instagram). [don’t mind mulroonie that’s just her nickname we call her by, don’t ask.). She has brown hair with blonde undertones, tan skin, and an oval face with medium sized brown eyes.
    2)Secondly, I nominate my other couisin Shealyn. She is just so bubbly and can’t wait to do anything. He rdream is to be a gymnast and she doesn’t let anything stand in her way. She does competitions and take gymnatics 10 hours a week. She has blonde hair with a wide oval face and big blue eyes, with a tanned skin tone.
    3)Finally, I nominate my friend Ally. She is always boucing off the walls, and she’ll always have a spark of energy that will never burn. If you have a big idea or dream to accomplish, but needs someone elses help she is the girl to go to. She has blonde/brown hair with a round face and big brown eyes,and a some-what pale skin tone.

  3. i nominate my friend Rachel. she is the funniest person i know, she is fun, bubbly, and sweet to almost everyone. she is not afraid to call out in class, make c comment or b herself. <3 u Rachel!

  4. 1). I nominate my lil sis @greenapples. She’s not on here a lot but it would really make her day if she could win something. She is always looking up to me and I almost always cannot fulfill the part of big sister. So, this would mean a lot to me if you could make her smile :) She is very smart, pretty, and amazingly friendly to her peers. Even though she has rough days, she rocks. Please please nominate her/vote her in to be the BeYOUtiful tween girl.
    2). I nominate myself because of all the wonderful things that I do (so modest). I once stopped a girl from being bullied just by saying that I liked the way she danced. Later she said that even though it hadn’t seemed that way at the time, she really appreciated it. Also, I helped a lot of girls feel welcome in my Girl Scout troop, because they were feeling very lost. I do very extreme math stuff (I’m taking a Harvard computer science class ((CS50))) and am very all around nice! But you know, no pressure to vote for me. If you want to make me smile, just say something nice. Also, even though I like to win, it would be even nicer if you could nominate my lil sis. Thanks guys! :)

  5. I nominate my little sister @blackthehedgehog101 She’s sweet, smart and funny. She reads the bible avidly, she’s good at making friends and she’s on safety patrol in her school. This marking quarter, and all the other ones, she was on high honor roll. She’s in fifth grade, but I think she’s ready for sixth grade when it comes. She loves to go outside and play and she’s very supportive of me, I’m so lucky to be her big sister.

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