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Let’s help Malala SMILE this week – her birthday week!

Malala will be giving a presentation to the UN in a special assembly on her birthday! What an amazing way to celebrate being 16, right?

Add your shoutout to make Malala SMILE in the comment section below!

Then iTwixie will send a special package of iTwixie things with your words on the card. How cool is that?



(Photo Credit: cnn.com)

  1. Happy Birthday Malala! Your amazing and goodluck speaking in front of the United Nations.

  2. Happy Birthday Malala! Hope your day is amazing. You’re doing so much good for the world, you’re really an inspiration!

  3. Happy Birthday. Wow, that`s amazing, speaking in front of the U.N.! I think you’ll do great! Best wishes for your birthday!

  4. You are an amazing person, Malala! Have a happy birthday and you’ll do a great job at the united nations.

  5. happy birthday Malala! good luck speaking in front of the united nations… you are amazing!

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