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November 26, 2013
musical cat

There’s nothing like watching a video of a cute animal to make you smile all day long!

Last week, the Baby Otter won our Pet Show poll — so its back again for a new vote! This time, you get to choose between the otter and a cute porcupine who really loves his pumpkin!

Scroll down to vote in our Pet Show Poll. We will announce the winner on December 3!

Get ready from some serious cuteness! How will you ever choose?

Porcupine Eating Pumpkin

Cute Baby Otter Drinking Milk

[gravityform id="140" name="Porcupine or Baby Otter" ajax="true"]

  1. OMG!!! OTTER VIDEO!!!

Buy Viagra with mastercard in Omaha Nebraska, Buy Viagra 200 mg in Pomona California

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