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These paragraphs will be featured for a week so you can choose iTwixie’s MEGA March Writer of the Month! The winner will get a writer’s journal! Just read the paragraphs below and vote for your fave! The winner will be announced next week on April 5.

1. “Over Spring Break, I saw the craziest thing. You’ll never guess what was sitting in front of my house that Friday when I got home from school…Angel. “ANGEL, I told you ONCE I told you A MILLION times, do NOT come to my house while I’m not here!” I said annoyed. She just laughed. “Take a chill pill Shimmer, I’m here for something important.” I roll my eyes. “Relationship advice? Because last I heard, you and Kyd were having a tough time.” She glares at me. “Nice try Selinda, I’m here to talk to you about the H.I.V.E. Academy…”  @WykkydAngel

2. “Over Spring Break, I saw the craziest thing. You’ll never guess what was sitting in front of my house that Friday when I got home from school…An elephant! I ran outside to see that there was circus music, wacky clowns, and even a gigantic tent “Hey, honey,” My dad said waving. I tried to smile, but it came out more like an annoyed frown.
“My college friend’s circus lost it’s gig, so they’ll be staying here for awhile.” I banged my head on the pavement. I was SO not looking forward to sharing a bathroom with a clown.  @Giganticbookworm

3. “Over Spring Break, I saw the craziest thing. You’ll never guess what was sitting in front of my house that Friday when I got home from school… A unicorn. honestly, i thought i was hallucinating! it was late at night, and I was tired. It said her name was Goobs and she was just a baby. Then came the biggest surprise yet. she stretched her back, and out came a pair of wings! She said her mom was a unicorn, and her dad a pegasus. She was beautiful. I decided to trust her, and I jumped on her back, and we flew far, far away. She took me to her land in the clouds. I was in awe, but I had to get back home by midnight. so we flew back home. now, every night there’s a little star that shines brighter than all the others, and every day, i look at the clouds, and I swear, I can see some of those magical, beautiful creatures.   @pidayismyday   




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And here’s a big thank you to our friends at Compendium, for providing the coolest writing journals for our Writer of the Month!


Are these zany? CRAZY? Creative? And of course… fun!  :) Just vote for your fave in the poll below!! <3

Which of the above stories was your fave?

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  1. Hey @iTwixieadmin I never got my journal from December I emailed and have my mailing address so if I need to resend it can you let me know thx

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