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Read the March Story of the Month

Here is the story that won the vote:

Over Spring Break, I saw the craziest thing. You’ll never guess what was sitting in front of my house that Friday when I got home from school… A unicorn. honestly, i thought i was hallucinating! it was late at night, and I was tired. It said her name was Goobs and she was just a baby. Then came the biggest surprise yet. she stretched her back, and out came a pair of wings! She said her mom was a unicorn, and her dad a pegasus. She was beautiful. I decided to trust her, and I jumped on her back, and we flew far, far away. She took me to her land in the clouds. I was in awe, but I had to get back home by midnight. so we flew back home. now, every night there’s a little star that shines brighter than all the others, and every day, i look at the clouds, and I swear, I can see some of those magical, beautiful creatures.   @pidayismyday   

Congratulations to pidayismyday! You are iTwixie’s Writer of the Month for March. :O  Just send your parents’ mailing address to Info@iTwixie.com to receive your uber cool writer’s journal from Compendium.


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And here’s a big thank you to our friends at Compendium, for providing the coolest writing journals for our Writer of the Month!


Isn’t this zany? CRAZY? Creative? And of course… fun!   

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  1. its an ok story im not a fan of unicorns though but it is still good

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