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Brianne McLaughlin

Brianne the Olympic Hockey Goalie

Order generic Viagra without prescription in Torrance California, Where to buy Viagra in Santa Clara California

Assistant Coach Women’s Hockey, Robert Morris University
2010 Winter Olympics Medalist
2008 Robert Morris University Graduate, Nursing

Brianne’s decision to play hockey at RMU helped her make it to the 2010 Olympics. Let her story inspire you. Hey, maybe you could be an Olympian, too! Check it out: 


Brianne McLaughlin - RMU
Brianne McLaughlin - RMU
Brianne McLaughlin - RMU

iTwixie: What was it like, going to the Olympics?

Brianne: My favorite part was when we were entering the stadium. There was this big 240- person huddle. They had us all chant USA and it was the coolest feeling in the world. I was next to a snowboarder, an ice skater; a skier — Shawn White — we were all representing the USA. It was amazing. Couldn’t be prouder. Try outs are the middle of June (for the 2014 team) and I’m training for that now.

What do you think is the most important challenge facing girls today?

Brianne: Distractions. There are decisions you have to make — friends, lifestyle choices.

What advice do you have for iTwixie girls?

Brianne: Whatever it is you want to do, define the path you need to follow to get there. Friends play a huge part. You can go down a lot of paths. My friends in high school started going in one direction and the others went another. By sophomore year I had a totally different set of friends. Athletes. They are still my friends. Their lives are on track. You have to choose friends who have your kind of values in mind.


iTwixie: What was the best part of your college experience? 

Brianne: Hockey. Learning time management. Every year I had to make a decision. It wasn’t always what I would want to do but it was what I had to do in order to achieve my goal. I wanted to play Division 1 Women’s Hockey.

Tell me about a challenging situation you had to overcome.

Brianne: I was recruited at Mercyhurst first. I loved the school but I would probably never play hockey. Then I heard from RMU. They said I’d be the starting goalie. I had to decide between two scholarships! If I had I gone to Mercyhurst, I never would have played.


iTwixie: Why are tennis balls fuzzy?

Brianne: I wish I was more creative. One of my teammates would have given you the most ridiculous answers in the world. She’s so smart. I’m sure it has a purpose. It has something to do with grip or something.

Ok, girls, help Brianne out! Why are tennis balls fuzzy? Give her the most ridiculous answer YOU can come up with!

AND since Brianne’s training right now to make the 2014 Women’s Olympic Hockey Team, give her a shout out, right here!

Thanks, Brianne, for sharing your story and inspiring us all. You are amazing!


Robert Morris University’s Department of Athletics provides opportunities for student-athletes to receive a quality experience both in the classroom and in intercollegiate athletic competition. Athletics enhances the intellectual, social, and personal development of our student-athletes, helping them to grow through their experience at the University and to prepare for meaningful careers and lives.

Find out more about how you can reach your dreams with RMU and visit rmu.edu for more information.

  1. That is really cool! I hope she does really well!

  2. That is SO cool! I wish her the best of luck! :D And tennis balls are fuzzy because they are little monsters. That’s why most of the time they end up disappearing, because one day they just get up and leave! (; Haha

Order generic Viagra without prescription in Torrance California, Where to buy Viagra in Santa Clara California

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