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January 11, 2013

18:22:52) iTwixieAdmin: where shall our spy role play take place?

(18:23:12) spinner119: A pool of pudding

(18:23:27) iTwixieAdmin: sounds very messy

(18:23:37) GalacticLullaby: butterscotch pudding? 

(18:23:37) spinner119: hmmm

(18:23:51) spinner119: oh yes of course butterscotch

(18:24:06) iTwixieAdmin: kk, there was butterscotch pudding all over the room

(18:25:41) iTwixieAdmin: i looked carefully to see if i could find fingerprints along the edges of the pool of pudding!

(18:26:06) GalacticLullaby: I bent over and stuck my finger in an especially thick puddle of the pudding. It looked like there was a clue in it- a hair!

(18:27:17) spinner119: *Wa;ks to other side of the room* Hmmm *Licks wall*Its butterscotch alright!

(18:27:52) spinner119: Why is there butterscotch pudding in this room?

(18:28:01) iTwixieAdmin: no fingerprints, great deduction – spin! wonderful find, Gal!

(18:28:55) spinner119: We have two options here

(18:29:06) GalacticLullaby: I pick up the hair and examine it under the light. Whoever put the pudding in the room had grey roots, that’s for sure!
I turn my attention to spin.

(18:29:13) spinner119: we can test that peice of hair or i will get some spoons

(18:29:51) iTwixieAdmin: great options, spin!

(18:30:20) GalacticLullaby: Let’s get spoons and then bring this hair to the lab.  How can we pass up some free pudding?

(18:30:34) spinner119: Ok I will be right back

(18:30:38) iTwixieAdmin: both – wonderful!

(18:30:45) spinner119: *Comes back with ladles*

(18:31:25) iTwixieAdmin: yummy pudding – could the grey-haired person have made it?

(18:31:57) GalacticLullaby: I think so. It seems homemade to me as I sip from my overflowing ladle.

(18:32:54) iTwixieAdmin: but isn’t it careless to have left behind a strand of hair? maybe the person was frightened?!

(18:33:32) spinner119: Maybe a soot sprite came out of that hole over there

(18:33:59) GalacticLullaby: Or maybe the person was in a hurry to leave the premisis. Wait! The pudding isn’t hurting us so maybe it was a present? But why?

(18:34:03) spinner119: They are harmless but look like ghosts when they go around the room

(18:34:34) spinner119: Maybe this person needs help

(18:34:47) iTwixieAdmin: ah, a present! That would make sense because it is homemade and there is so much of it!

(18:35:10) GalacticLullaby: We should find this person and help them, then thank them for the gift!

(18:35:25) iTwixieAdmin: a brilliant plan!

(18:35:43) iTwixieAdmin: where can we look first?

(18:36:11) GalacticLullaby: Well, are there any footprints leading anywhere? Spin, have you seen any?

(18:36:40) spinner119: I have not but I think we could ask people if they have seen anyone come in or out of this room

(18:37:12) GalacticLullaby: Okay, let us go ask.

(18:37:24) iTwixieAdmin: yay!

(18:37:39) spinner119: *fills ladle*

(18:38:55) iTwixieAdmin: should we ask the soot sprite?

(18:39:04) GalacticLullaby: Yes! They should know!

(18:39:22) spinner119: I dont know if they would be out this time of day

(18:39:34) spinner119: *Crouches down next to hole in the wall*

(18:39:52) spinner119: Exuse me..uh…mister soot sprite

(18:40:12) spinner119: Did you see anyone fill this room with pudding?

(18:40:45) spinner119: Or could you lead us to totoro or the cat bus?

(18:41:18) spinner119: *Falls back as soot sprite flys out*

(18:41:47) GalacticLullaby: Woah, look at that! The soot sprite looks angry. :o

(18:42:08) iTwixieAdmin: oh no 

(18:42:26) GalacticLullaby: Did we wake him up?

(18:42:32) spinner119: Calm down mister

(18:42:45) spinner119: you know I wouldnt have woken you if this wasnt inportant

(18:43:16) iTwixieAdmin: good point, spin!

(18:43:40) spinner119: *Puts out hand*

(18:43:42) spinner119: here get on

(18:44:17) spinner119: ok henry we are looking for someone

(18:44:35) GalacticLullaby: Hey guys, I have to clock out a bit early, my mom said I have to get off of the computer and practice my piano!  See ya around.

(18:44:48) spinner119: Have fun with your piano! 

(18:44:50) iTwixieAdmin: so fun having you here Gal!!

 (18:47:09) spinner119: Henry takes me to the bathroom where he takes a potty and he says that there was a pudding rain and it was his hair and he already solved the mystery

(18:47:12) spinner119: the end

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