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Save the Animals

Animal Friends is an organization in Pittsburgh that helps animals and people get together. This outstanding place urges everyone to “think outside the cage!”

The Animal Welfare Institute seeks better treatment of all animals, wild or domestic. It is centered in Washington, DC!

The Humane Society of Utah makes it easier to find a pet to adopt and teaches pet owners how to better train and care for pets.

The San Francisco SPCA also fosters pet adoption as well as considerate treatment of all animals!

You can make a difference and save animals by contacting one of these groups near you! iTwixie girls even have a club called “Save the Animals” because we care about all the animals in our world.

Is there a good animal protection agency near you? Tell iTwixie all about it and earn a Save the Animals achievement!


(Photo Credit: Animal Friends)

  1. there is a place called paws, and its an animal shelter, near me

  2. Not cars, cats!! Oops

  3. I went to Italy this summer and in Rome there was a place called the cat sanctuary. There they take care of cars who are injured or sick or just need home. The cars were so cute!

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