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February Theme: She Has a Dream
February 1, 2013

Together, we are changing the WORLD! So DREAM BIG! iTwixie girls can do anything. We see it every day. And it all starts with a dream… that’s why this month iTwixie is all about the girl who dreams. 

She Has a Dream: what does this mean to you?

iTwixie girls around the world dream of amazing, cool things to make our homes, our schools, our towns, cities, states and countries, a whole lot better. 

So let’s get DREAMING!

  • The iTwixie Team has some DREAMY NEWS coming on February 14!!! It’s a special Valentine for ALL iTwixie girls all over the planet! STAY TUNED!
  • Unscramble Dreamy words in Flower of Fortune!
  • Know anyone who dreams of a GREENER planet? Nominate her for Green Tween for February! 
  • You’re going to love the cool story prompt we’ve DREAMT up for you to try to win Writer of the Month! The winner gets a cool journal from our friends at Compendium.
  • Write some blogs about YOUR dreams and get nominated for Blogger of the Month and maybe you’ll win a cool, new Let Your Inner Girl Shine t-shirt.
  • Is your pet dreamy? Send a photo in for iTwixie’s Virtual Pet Show and win a cool iTwixie Pet Show avatar!
  • Check out the all the Dreams of Ha in iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club!


house by Tiny House Paintings

Here’s to an amazing She Has a Dream February. Let’s dream up big plans, the whole month through. It all begins with YOU, iTwixie girl! What is YOUR dream?


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