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Photo Credit: HowardLake

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(Photo Credit: HowardLake)

  1. I think one direction is awesome.
    They sing great.
    They are cute.

  2. I meant to post this after our chat on twixing, but you should totally add back the feature of changing your username (if you can, of course. I understand the reasons if you can’t :p)

  3. You should do a section for status updates like what’s on the profiles now, and add a separate thing for blogging that has more features, so it’s easier to write long blogs again. :)

  4. you should add more games and make it less confusing you should do different categories of games and not have such limited choices. The site is also pretty confusing because of the different ways to get to things don’t always work. For games you should add action adventure racing cooking dress up etc.

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