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Stop the Fighting
by shannonyeh.photography

Most brothers and sisters argue, bicker and even fight once in a while. That’s normal. But sometimes, families or friends fight a lot. And that’s no fun at all. But don’t you fret! Here are THREE QUICK AND EASY ways to stop the fighting. You can start THIS WEEK!

Here’s how YOU can put an end to the fighting, no matter if it’s at home or at school:

1. Stop First. It’s great to disagree, discuss and determine ways to deal with how we all don’t see eye to eye. So keep doing that. But the moment this disagreement turns into an argument, a bunch of bickering or a fight, be the one who says, stop. Say, “Let’s talk about this later, when we’ve all ¬†cooled down. Let’s not fight.” If the fighting doesn’t stop? Walk away. If they won’t stop it, then YOU STOP IT. Try to talk it through again once your brother or sister or friend has stopped being so angry. Try it! It really works!

2. Make a List. Always say hi to your siblings, your friends and family with a smile. Ask about the day, the game or the big event of that week. When you find yourself feeling frustrated with any of these people, write it down. Make a list of the things that are making you upset. Then read it through and figure out how you can ask to solve each problem. For example, maybe you are tired of hearing all about your older sister’s high school friends and you want her to help you plan a party. Instead of telling her that you’re sick of listening to all of her stories, ask her for a few minutes to talk about a party you want to plan. Get it?

3. Hug, Smile & Laugh. Hug each of your family members at least once each day. Smile at them every time you enter a room or see each other. Try and make your family laugh. These are the things that bring us closer to the people who mean a lot to us. But sometimes we forget to simply be kind. We just forget to do the things that we wish our friends and family would do for us. Everyone loves a hug, a smile and a laugh, right? So if you start doing these things every day, it’ll catch on. It’s contagious!

See how easy that is!?! Try it and tell us all about it. Cannot WAIT to hear about how you and everyone around you starts to get along better THIS WEEK! Have fun!

Photo credit: shannonyeh.photography

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