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Take Your Father Out for Father’s Day

see this page Father’s Day is a great time to spend some special time with your father!

les sites de rencontres ukrainiennes iTwixie has a contest for you to WIN dinner out with your father at Panera. If your entry wins the drawing you will receive a gift card to take your father out!

http://parkbarnyc.com/?flomasr=site-de-rencontres-entre-mari%D0%93%C2%A9s&4d0=4e Every entry is a chance to win in the drawing for the Panera gift card! The winner will be announced on June 12 at 3 PM.

http://www.quiz-interactif.com/firmino/6578 All you have to do is finish this sentence in the comments section below:

kristen wiig online dating buy Pregabalin usa “My father is awesome because…”


my response (Photo Credit: davidsteltz)

  1. frau sucht mann in greifswald My father is awesome because he is caring, and makes me laugh all the time. He has a good sense of humor, and knows how to turn my frown upside down :) He helps me with my homework, and encourages me to challenge myself. My dad’s not only a great dad, he’s also a great person. He served in the navy for 10 years, working in submarines. He’s now a veteran! Now, he’s a lawyer, which is a pretty great job too. He is an amazing person and father, inside and out. My dad impresses me every day with new creative ideas, and ways to have fun. He’s the best dad ever, and I love him! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

  2. My father is awesome because he works at a college helping students with entry and special programs, he worked many jobs, and he is a great father!

  3. My dad is awesome because he makes me laugh when I’m sad.

  4. My father is awesome because..he looks out for my best interest, and he did theater Where he met my mom and is good at helping students with my problems.

  5. he helps when i’m sad, and is proud of me, and he’s never happy until i’m happy. also, he always has time 4 me, no matter what

  6. he served in the Air Force for twenty years to help people in other countries. During those twenty years, somewhere in there I was born, but he missed out in most of my life. Now that he is retired, I can spend more time with him, but between all the homework I get in school and playing on a select soccer team, we still don’t get much time to ourselves.

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