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Here is something you might say:

“My 6th grade teacher makes learning more fun than eating candy! THANKS, Ms L.. !!”

Do you have a teacher who rocks your world? Just put a special SHOUT OUT to that teacher in the comments below:


(Photo Credit: cello512)

  1. my fave was my 5th grade teacher, ’cause she chalanged us- she know we could do it!!! i <3 u, mme.bowman!!!

  2. I had the best teacher evah in middle school! She made reading Greek Myths seem like a treasure hunt. I can never thank her enough. SO thanks to you MJ for being amazing.

  3. Oh man, I have a bunch!
    My history teacher is the funniest guy on Earth, and it shows in his teaching. Thanks Andy Pandy! (A nickname from the show)
    English is my favourite wind down class, thanks to you, Gooey!(Another nickname :p)
    Out of all of my teachers, you, my art and homeroom teacher, are the most caring. So cheers to that Mrs. K.
    I’m so sorry about your son and your brother, but you gotta keep smiling and teaching. You gave me two of my best years of school. You’re the reason I’ve done so well. You pushed me as hard as I could go and gave me all advanced work. You’re the reason my answers turned into essays and my essays turned into thesis papers. Thank you SO much for helping me reach my potential in math, science, AND inspiring me to be a writer. Thanks G.

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