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STOP Bullying May
by MissBlackflag

http://ramblingroseboutique.com/?prertwe=ggg-dating-acronym&c3e=8d This May, let’s work with each other and a whole world of groups who are all about girlpower, and let’s STOP Bullying! Let’s write blogs about how to STOP bulling. Let’s draw pictures of how to STOP bulling. Let’s read a book about how to STOP bullying… we can do it. It’s important!

femme tunisienne rencontre homme Did you know that nearly half of half of students in grades 4-12 have been the victims of bullying? Look around you. That means that half of your friends have probably been bullied. Maybe YOU have been bullied!

site de rencontre reunionnais en france Bullying is wrong and who needs it? No one! Together, we can STOP it. Here’s how:

look at this site Our new friends at  http://www.ms-schein.de/salo/7412 REALgirl®  tell us the key to stopping bullying lies within each of us. When each of us feels empowered and anchored in our sense of self, bullying can truly be a thing of the past. So join us this May and let’s STOP Bullying… TOGETHER!

  1. Speak up when you see any kind of bullying, from gossiping to excluding others
  2. Agree with your BFFs that you won’t stand for any bullying behavior
  3. Always be kind to each other and show respect for our differences

the original source Watch how you feel even more empowered by helping each other to STOP Bullying. It feels great. And we can do it, together.

browse around this website How are YOU going to join in this effort this May? Tell us right here!

http://web-impressions.net/fister/3241 Thanks, REALgirl!

http://amazingmarbella.com/?menstryaciy=rencontre-femme-tlemcenienne&b7e=cf REALgirl

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Photo credit: MissBlackFlag

  1. I think bullying is absolutely wrong! Why would you do that

  2. If any of you read what I said on the bully proof quiz, u know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. My plan is finally working! My friend is finally being nice to the girl that is bullied! If only the whole school did the same……

  3. I was bullied in kindergarten. By my 2 besties. It was terrible.

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