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Send in Your Travel Faves!
February 3, 2013

Prairiedoglover sent in this idea for Saint Louis. It’s just this easy:

1) Tell us the city you want to talk about. (We can get pictures if you do not have any.)

2) Decide on one thing that is your fave place. Tell us just a little about it.

3) If you have a picture showing your fave place, send it in to submissions@iTwixie.com so we can all see it!

iTwixie girls are from all over the world! We can’t wait to see where you will take us next ;)

That’s the Saint Louis Arch. it’s how many people know in a second that this picture is from Saint Louis, Missouri. Going inside it is amazing. You gotta check it out!

But my fave thing in Saint Louis is the Saint Louis Science Center. There are tons of cool things to do. There is an OmniMax theater, too. There is just way too much fun stuff on every floor of the center. AND it is… FREE! ~ prairiedoglover

Saint Louis Science Center
Photo Credit: Saint Louis Science Center


So, iTwixie girls, have you been to the Saint Louis Science Center? Where is your fave place to go?

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