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hombre o solo un sapo This month we are starting a new way for you to decide who should be Blogger of the Month. Each nominee will have a small blog post included with her name so you can better vote for a Blogger of the Month.

check this link right here now So take time to read the entries and then vote.  The winner of July Blogger of the Month will be announced next week on July 25.

kennenlernen meine stadt Get Voting!  So fun!! and you can look at more blog entries by just clicking on each bloggers’ name ;)

http://www.ekichronicles.com/?pityr=why-is-he-still-on-an-online-dating-site&48c=ca @lubist   *Deep sigh* Okay. I have like 2 or 3 things to talk about and that’s it for today. So let’s get started.
1: It’s July the 11th. My birthday is in 7 days. *Freaks out like crazy*
2: I need to collect 3-4 thousand dollars by my 16th birthday. Why? Because I’m saving up for my sweet 16 to be where the magic happens. In Disneyland! 
3: I’m tired and not full of energy. 
So yeah. That’s been my day. xD Cya all soon. 

why online dating is not safe @thgand1Dfan    ok idk if any of you have heard but there was this amazing girl named Talia or taliajoy18 on youtube. she was battling cancer for 5 years. she didn’t want wigs makeup was her wig it made her feel more confident so she started putting videos on youtube about makeup and the hardships in cancer. two days ago this truly beYOUtiful girl died from the disease and I just want to take a moment to remember her and how honest and funny she was. RIP Talia we love you.

john keegan dating coach @ idk if we are dating C4smF1r3       Caz’s Methods of Merriment:
1. This morning and last night was a serious hassle. I was being a bit overdramatic and was having troubles and things. I also think I may have ruined my relationship with my sister…
2. That aside, here’s my list of Methods of Merriment! Feel free to list them somewhere yourself…..

recherche site de rencontre en france @turtles1    hi…… Okay so this is random but do you know samilam7 well she has stopped coming on Itwixie she is my BFF ( in real life not on Itwixie ) and yesterday we were texting and I said if I had to I would form a group to show that she is wanted back on Itwixie! So…. Do you want to. Be part of the group? If so go to her blog and write a. Public message I’m going to ask this to everyone she knew on Itwixie at the end of the week I’m going to take a picture of everyone who wants her back on again! Lol she says if I get more that 5 people she will do it!!! So can you help?


rencontres marocains france Who do you think should be Blogger of the Month for July?

  • thgand1Dfan (50%, 2 Votes)
  • C4smF1r3 (50%, 2 Votes)
  • lubist (0%, 0 Votes)
  • turtles1 (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: sites de rencontres ados 4

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