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January 20, 2013

One of these amazing groups, all featured throughout 2012 on iTwixie, will receive a financial donation from iTwixie. And it’s up to YOU to decide which group should win! So get voting!

Every month in 2012, iTwixie featured an incredible cause for iTwixie girls and their families around the world to think about supporting. Check ‘em out again by clicking on the links below. Which one of these groups should get the 2013 iTwixie Girls Make a Difference Grant?

Vote now!

Schoolbags for Kids (provides school bags with supplies for schools)

March of Dimes (works to give every baby a healthy start in life)

Turn on the Tap (makes sure there are water sources for those in need)

One Laptop Per Child (provides laptops for learning in poor countries)

Girls on the Run! (empowers girls to be strong on and off the race course)

LitWorld (helps girls learn to read)

School Girls Unite! (supports girls and their communities to educate girls)

Girls Learn International (helps every girl can get an education)

Red Cross (works to help hurricane rebuild)

United Way of Connecticut (supports Sandy Hook Elementary families)


We are so proud of all the amazing things you do! iTwixie Girls Make A Difference!

Where did you buy Viagra in Stamford Connecticut, Where did you buy Viagra without prescription in Knoxville Tennessee

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