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floppysnowflakes avatar

Some girls write blogs about their life. Others write poems. Some make lists of good things to do, and a bunch of girls give good advice. iTwixie bloggers ROCK! That’s why we like to give out a Blogger of the Month award to recognize your unique, awesome voices! We think the world should join us and #ListenToGirls!!! So let’s choose our Blogger of the Month is for February!

Take a few minutes and check out these amazing bloggers! They are your February Blogger of the Month nominees. One of these bloggers will become iTwixie’s February Blogger of the Month. The winner will get a custom-made avatar from our newest team member, Lea! How cool is that?!?

How iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month Works
Each month, we take nominations for Blogger of the Month and then iTwixie girls vote for the winner. We make sure there’s a new winner each month. It’s our way of recognizing the cool bloggers that make iTwixie so special.

About Lea
Lea always wanted to an artist and has always drawn pictures. But only recently did she understand where her artistic gifts might take her. She would make shaded portraits cartoon drawings of her friends. She loved seeing how happy they are when they see them. She says that it fills her up with joy to see how her art can put a smile on their faces and make them feel good about themselves. And now she’s ready to put this amazing gift to work for iTwixie… and YOU! We are proud to have Lea join the iTwixie team, as she finishes her undergraduate degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Thank you, Lea! You rock!

Check out these amazing bloggers and then vote for your fave! We’ll announce the winner next week: @ilovepuppies25  @sparklesport  @amberline123  @lifeliver166  @nik-nik3  @edelene  @makeawish  @fundipgirl

Vote for the Blogger of the Month for February

View Results

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  1. The cupcake puppy is cute

  2. Right now, the vote is TIED! Break the tie, girls! Keep voting!

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Fremont California, I need to buy Viagra in Columbus Ohio

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