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Global Girl Media

Share your voice with iTwixie girls around the world! Tell us, your story! Start writing blogs about your life; what you care about; how you think. We want to hear from you!

When girls write, the world gets to hear their voice. We need to hear the voices of girls around the world. We make up half of the planet! So ask for and give advice. Share ideas. Be silly! It’s all amazing! iTwixie bloggers ROCK! That’s why we award a Blogger of the Month each and every month. We want to celebrate your unique and awesome way of looking at the world! Don’t you agree that it’s time that the world stopped to #ListenToGirls? Maybe if more girls shared their ideas, stories and solutions, the world would be a better place. We think so. Don’t you?

If so, get blogging, girls! And get voting!!! Let’s choose our Blogger of the Month for May!

How iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month Works
Each month, we take nominations for Blogger of the Month and then iTwixie girls vote for the winner. We make sure there’s a new winner each month. It’s our way of recognizing the cool bloggers that make iTwixie so cool.

Vote for your favorite blogger today!!! We’ll announce the winner next week :)

Vote for Making Something May’s Blogger of the Month

View Results

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