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iTwixie Sticker v01
iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge
girls can change the world
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Which of these designs should be the next iTwixie t-shirt?
SuperGirl                                                                                                                           Star
girl                                     flower (3)

                                                 Girl Champion                                                                                 Flower


Vote for the next iTwixie t-shirt design!

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  1. I like the girl champion and the flower. :3 (I think I may have already voted for Supergirl, though… o_o I don’t remember when…)

  2. Why Supergirl? Why not Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman? o_o

  3. I like the world just a tiny bit more than the super girl. when do we find out which one wins? Do we get one of the shirts?

  4. My favourite is the flower. It’s soo bright and colourful.

  5. My favourite is the flower. It’s soo bright and colourful. It is definitely a winner.

  6. I like the flower!

  7. so many fab choices! I voted for the world… can’t wait to hear which one won!

  8. I think we should choose girl champion because it clearly shows the shirt’s meaning.

  9. The supergirl and the world are both really awesome! When will we find out which design won?!


  11. I voted for super girl :-)

  12. I’m torn between world and super girl ?

  13. I like the Super Girl one (:

  14. My favorite is the world! It shows that girls all over the world can do amazing things no matter where they are from!

  15. Which shirt do you like? Or do you dislike them? What do YOU think?

    We can’t start making them until we hear from YOU!


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