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January 13, 2013

Who do you think should be iTwixie’s Person of the Year for 2012? Here are the nominations and the reasons they were nominated:

1) Malala! She tried to show people that girls should be appreciated and educated.

2) My mom. She has been going through a rough time. She really deserves to be Person of the Year. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and had her first Chemo treatments a few days ago. She’s really not feeling well. That’s why I think my mom should be Person of the Year. ~ littlebit219

3) iTA  I think iTA should be person of the year. After all, that’s who this whole website relies upon! Imagine if iTA didn’t exist?

4) All of my teachers. They teach me so well and make school a lot more fun! ~ Headnosegirly8

5) Songfreak

6) Auntie Paula! She had Melanoma, and it was a really tough 4 years for her , but the whole time she was smiling! She always had a great spirit and was always upbeat. My mom said that when they were kids she thought Paula was an angel sent to Earth to help our family. Now she is an angel and she doesn’t hurt anymore. ~ crazycoolkid13

7) Our parents! We wouldn’t exist without them, and if we did, where would we be?

8) My Mom. She’s been there for me from the start and I couldn’t have asked for more. She comforts me when I’m sad or cry, she makes me laugh, and she understands me. When difficulty strikes, she’s right by my side and I appreciate it so much. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom. ~ lubist

9) Demi Lovato. She’s saved so many people who were in deep. She’s saved hundreds of lives. Including mine. She is so strong, brave, and talented.


Voting will start today, January 13. The winner will be announced on January 20 with what you said to nominate that person to honor them.


iTwixie Person of the Year 2012 ROCKS!

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