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January 11, 2013

The prompt is in bold print. Read what fun the writers had with the story started for them. So kewl!

1) Still no snow! Christmas is already almost a month ago. Crazy memories still swim in my mind of the great time I had when…my BFF and I went sledding down a 80 degree hill in Montana. Then after the ride (it took FIVE minutes) we couldn’t get back u p the hill! We tried to climb it first but one-eighth of the way up we slipped and tumbled back down we finally saw, after 6 mins of looking for a way to get up, a snowcovered sidewalk which led back to our starting spot! After 25 runs of this CRAZY hill we went home to some hot coco.  ~ Blazepup123

2) I’m at the Elm Skating Rink wearing my white dress. It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m waiting for my boyfriend, Troy. He was supposed to be here at 5pm and now it’s 7pm. Why would stand me up like this?! Just as I get outside…he is standing there with roses and a smile on his face. “Happy Valentine ‘s Day,” he said handing me the roses. “Don’t give me these,” I said, “you stood me up!” “No I was getting ready.” “For what?” He walked behind me and put his hands over my eyes, “Do you trust me?” I slowly nodded. He led me who knows where. Finally he pulled his hands away and I gasped. He had set up a little dinner with a view of the city. I’m glad the skating rink was on a big hill. “Let’s eat,” Troy said offering me his arm. I took it and he led me to the table. After dinner we danced to a slow song CD he brought. Finally the night ended with a soft k…~ DragonBlade

3) Spring is usually my fave time of the year! This Spring is not like any other Spring I have ever experienced because it’s 80 degrees outside! Not normal weather for March. I’ve got stung by a bee, twisted my ankle, and just found out some of our crazy relatives are coming to stay with us because their air conditioner is broke! I hope they aren’t going to have to sleep in my room… I don’t want to think about that right now. Oh, I just got a text from my BFF! It says: I am leaving vacation tomorrow! I might come over later to say bye! TTYL! Here is my text back to her: No fair! This is going to be the worst spring break ever! ~ blueowl628

4) Walking to the bus stop after being on the hospital for two months and being schooled over the internet, I’m still adapting to my new right prosthetic leg and my walk is slightly awkward. When I step onto the bus…the bus driver starts driving before I can sit down. I almost fall but someone catches me. I look to see who it is. “Rich!” I almost scream , and I throw my arms around my best friend, Richard. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to not see your best friend for two months!” He said, smiling at me. He pulled me off the floor and I sat on the seat next to him. “Are you okay? Still not used to the leg?” I nodded. I had been telling him everything over the internet, but I hadn’t been able to actually see him. “Don’t worry.” He said. “If you fall again, I’ll be there to catch you.” I smiled. Getting back to my life wasn’t going to be so hard with him by my side.

5) Birthdays are the absolute best reason for a party. I could hardly wait for my party to begin. I had been planning this party for months. When my BFF, Anna, walked in the door…I said “Say cheese! and Anna fell on the floor laughing. “what are you doing?” she asked after a few seconds. “You know! The theme of the party was red carpet!” “Oh yeah about that.” “What?” I asked. ”I just came to drop this off. I can’t come.” Why?” I asked. The mood in the room had changed. “We just found out my mom has cancer.” ”Oh no !” “yeah and I’m not really in a party mood.” “I understand.” “I got to go. Have fun with our other friends!” “Ok.” I said. I suddenly had a wonderful idea. I had to make some calls. A couple weeks later I was waiting at the door of Anna’s house. “Claire! What are you doing here?” I wanted to drop this of .” I handed her a bag. she opened it. “Wow ! It’s full of money! what’s this for?” She asked. “your mom.” I said. “it’s money for her cancer… ~ clairepopo10

6) Summer used to be my favorite time of year. When school was out and the weather was warm, all I could think of was going to the beach. All that changed when…the accident happened. It was just last summer. My friend and I were just playing on the beach like we did every summer since we were little. Her name was Alex. Alex was the most daring 11 year old girl at school. She would do anything anyone told her to, no matter how disgusting it could possibly be. On that hot summer day, she decided she would go swimming in the ocean. We were 11. We were dumb. We didn’t know that the ocean was infested with sharks. I told her not to go. I was terribly afraid. “I have to do it,” she had told me. It’s just a summer challenge!” So she ran into the ocean. The waves swallowed her up right away, and I reassured myself when she didn’t come back after a few minutes that she was safe. I waited for two…  ~ midnightdancer
7) Maude dropped the hair tie on the store’s floor. She was so bummed when she got to soccer practice because she was going to use it to put her hair into a pony tail. Little did she know that just as she was missing that hair tie, another girl found it. And this girl found it in the knick of time because…she was being followed. The girl had to find a disguise, she got in to the store, and after looking around she saw that the store was full of costumes , pirates, princesses, wizards, every costume imaginable. She took a random costume and tied her hair with the hair tie and put a blonde wig on. She ran out of the store in the gigantic crowd surrounding her. She saw the man, he was huge, full of tattoos, very hard to miss, he was swatting around innocent people like if they were flies. He was going to find the girl, sooner or later. The girl ran as fast as she could and saw the school Maude was practicing in. She got in and until this moment she realized that her costume was very similar to the soccer uniform. She joined the game and the man lost sight of the girl. The girl was saved. ~ UsAgainstTheWorld

8) I’m walking in the park, arm-in-arm with my boyfriend, Blake . We’ve been dating for several months and it feels like we’re just meant-to-be. I fan my face with my homemade paper fan that he bought me for my birthday. Suddenly we hear someone scream: “Ahh!! Call 911!!!” We turn around and see… a group of children standing in a circle. The expression on their faces tell me something is very wrong. I pull out of Blake’s grasp and instruct him to call 911 . He doesn’t move, but instead grabs my arm. His eyes plead for me to stay. Blake is the kind of guy who doesn’t like to be left alone. But this is an emergency. I run towards the kids and bend down. My nursing instincts kick in immediately. I check the pulse of the little boy lying in the grass. His eyes are closed shut and he’s as pale as a sheet . I gulp. There’s no pulse. There’s no movement. There’s no helmet.  ~ GalacticLullaby

9) I, Sasha, am sitting (in front of a store) begging for money. It’s hard being a homeless orphan, but I’ve gotten used to it by now. A shady figure drops money in the basket I have sitting out for people to put money in. When I look up, it’s…a face, a familiar face she kind of looked like me. She took me by the arm and brought me to her glamerous mansion. When we got there she said the funniest thing. She said she was me, the future me! It was a shock to see all the evidence she pulled out on me. She wanted to keep me so I didn’t have to live the homeless life anymore being an orphan and all and I said yes since we have everything in common besides the boy thing but i will just worry about that when i get older. I was put into a good school with fancy clothes and a way fancy house with the perfect…..well family I can’t really say mom because she is me. All I’m worried about is how I will live after this. ~ 

10) Cold, dark and dreary weather makes me think of Zombies. Are there really Zombies, I wonder, as I am walking home later than I should. My parents will be worried sick, but I just keep on kicking the rock at my feet. I think back to my soccer game yesterday and end up kicking the rock at some trash cans. I jump back to reality as I hear the clang of the rock bounce off the cans. They fall over and I quietly sigh. I watch some of the trash fly off in the wind and walk over to set them back up. I hear a groan coming from behind the house. “Who..who’s there?!” I say worriedly. More groans follow as I see a lifeless figure limp into the light. I ran off right when I saw his missing arm and zombie pale skin. I might have imagined it, but whatever I saw definitely gave me a chill down my spine. ~ lubist

11) I walked into school the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I couldn’t believe how everyone at school was just going around like we weren’t about to have a five day weekend. Suddenly, on the intercom, the principal announced…that we were going into lock-down! I couldn’t believe it! This totally ruined the happy vibe that I had a few seconds ago. I walked into my homeroom and clustered into the corner with the rest of my class. As we sat there, I realized that someone was trying to get my attention, someone outside. I waved my hand at the mysterious person to let them know I saw them. That turned out not to be such a good idea, because the person smashed his fist through the window. I was trampled as my class ran, screaming out of the room. As I started to get up, I noticed that a man was hovering over me, holding a box. He handed me the box, and disappeared out of the room. I opened the box to find a card that said “Happy Thanksgiving, Daughter!” and a slice of turkey. I never saw that man again. ~  

12) “What is it? What is it?” I found myself screaming, as I opened the gift as quickly as I could. The red package, tied with white and blue ribbons, felt heavier than the 10-pound weight I used to build up my biceps. My mom just stared at me, looking as puzzled as me. And then we both saw it. A…it was a journal. Inside was a bunch of weird writing. What could the writing mean, I kept asking myself. More importantly who was it from? ~ megsM00 

Wow, these stories are good! Next week on January 18, we will announce the winner you choose.  

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