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March 10, 2013

Since February 22, 2011, iTwixie girls around the world have voted to wear a special color on the 22nd of each month to celebrate our GIRLPOWERiTwixie BFFs ROCK! And it all started because of cool, iTwixie girls like you!

It’s time to choose a color or a style to wear this month. Be sure to enter your vote for your fave!

What color or style would you like to wear for MEGA March?

View Results

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  1. good options

  2. I think we should wear Shamrock Green this month since It’s St. Patrick’s Day. :D

  3. I wore pink! The official 2013 shirt. :D

How to buy Viagra online without prescription in Lansing Michigan, Buy Viagra with visa in Port St. Lucie Florida

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