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February 3, 2013

Every month, since February 22, 2011, iTwixie girls around the world have voted to wear a special color to celebrate our GIRLPOWER on the 22nd of each month. iTwixie BFFs ROCK! And it all started because of cool, iTwixie girls like you!

This month is also Pink Shirt Day on February 27. To honor both days, we are asking you to wear pink on February 22 and February 27.

About Pink Shirt Day,  lives in Canada where Pink Shirt Day started. Here is what she says about it:

Two seniors at a high school in Nova Scotia, Canada, overheard a bullying attack. A freshman at their school made his first appearance in a pink polo shirt and people made fun of him for wearing that colour. These seniors didn’t approve of what they heard. After school they went to a department store and bought all of the pink tank tops they could find. They put on social networks such as Facebook for people to wear pink shirts to school the next day. That morning they handed out the shirts they bought to the other seniors in their group. They even had to go back and buy more shirts because so many people wanted to help stand up! The two boys instantly became famous. Their act spread on the media all over Canada and the USA. Schools in Nova Scotia now have a special day for this- and so do many other provinces. It’s called Pink Shirt Day.

Wednesday February 27, 2013 is Pink Shirt Day this year. Wear pink to show you’re against bullying! 


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