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What makes YOU special? Take our quiz!

[gravityform id="22" name="What Makes YOU Special" ajax="true"]

You can tell us even more ways that YOU are special, right here, in the comments section below! :)

Each one of us is so, so, so special! That’s what makes life so fun, right? Way to go, girls!

(Photo Credit: akshay moon)

  1. I am special because i do not get scared at vary many thanks and i can sneak up on anyone with out them seeing me even when they are were they can see me

  2. I am special because I like to be me and being me is good and I am not picky about anything and I stand up for my friends. :)

  3. at school im known for almost always having an answer and great at reading and studying.

  4. what makes me special is my talent for dancing. I love ballet and going on stage. I wish to be a ballerina when I grow up. Maybe even go to a famous ballet school like SAB or New York City Ballet. They are both New York

  5. This quiz is really good.

  6. At my school, everybody knows me for my drawing, singing, writing and spelling talents. When we’re writing an essay or something like that, everybody goes to me to ask how to spell a word, haha. My friends all say I sing really good, although I’m still getting voice lessons. Since when I was like four years old, everybody loves the way I draw. I don’t really draw things in a realistic way, I do them in a cartoonish way. I am a self-taught artist, I never took art lessons. I really have no idea how I became a good drawer. Last but not least they know me for my writing skill. When I ask someone to read my paper to see if it’s good, they say “wow” or “this is so good!” I feel proud to be able to do these things, and this is what makes me sᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ.

  7. Everyone has a talent or few but not everyone can be good at everything :-)

  8. I am special because I believe everyone’s special. My BFF was always saying she’s useless. I told her: “You’re not useless, you’re useful. And if you stop for a moment to think about the awesome qualities you possess, try to improve your flaws, and be confident, you can do anything!” And that goes for all girls who feel useless.

  9. I like to draw, act and sing. I want to be a lawyer or a rock star when I grow up. I’m learning to swim and recently (finally) learned to jump off the diving board. I’m trying out for my school’s volleyball team and recently figured out I’m fairly good at softball. I’m going into highschool next year. I love to draw, watch and write about anime and Homestuck. I don’t know if this stuff makes me any more special than anybody else, but it makes me, me!

  10. I’m an amazing dancer and I love it so thats my true passion. And also, everyone is special because everyone’s got flaws and flaws make us people.

  11. Hi I like playing the piano so I took my piano exam. I got 77% witch is honors I think everyone has a special hidden talent and all they need is a little encouragement to let it shine although I was nervous.

  12. Everybody’s special, no matter what. I’m not the best in everything, but there’s always something someone’s good at. :-)

  13. I want to be a photographer for National Geographic. I’m a really good at art and dancing. My favorite color is yellow, I love swimming, laughing, and hanging with friends. I’m always trying to find an adventure. Today I went off a 3 story high zip line and climbed a 3 story rock wall to get to it! But were all special in our own way, just some people don’t realize it!#FindYourDestiny

  14. im good at photography, writing, reading, and music. don’t know if that really makes me special

  15. Everybody’s special!

  16. How are you special? Tell us! YOU ARE SO VERY SPECIAL!

  17. cant really get that quiz right in my head o_O

  18. yeah i loved this quiz!!! even that picture was beYOUtiful

  19. Everybody is different In so many ways that I lost track at like 8. I think a lot of people are good at different things like for instant some people are better at school…… and others are good at sports more than others. But I think everybody is special no matter what. :)

  20. I don’t know if anything in the quiz that I selected makes me special, but I’m sure there is something that I don’t know of!

  21. that was really fun!

    we all have special talents. that is so true. :) :) :)

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