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girls can change the world
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This month iTwixie invites you to nominate someone who you find  to be the most “beautiful” you — which is what we mean by BeYOUtiful. This is not about appearances or talents, this is about being true to who you are.

Is there someone on iTwixie who inspires you to be more YOU by how true she is to herself?

She is the one you should nominate for BeYOUtiful Tween right now!

So have at it…tell all of iTwixie who helps you be BeYOUtiful.

Next Sunday, August 18, we will start a one week vote for iTwixie’s BeYOUtiful Tween for August.  The vote will go for one week.  The winner will win this achievement:


iTwixie is full of BeYOUtiful peeps! 


Buy Viagra amex in Bakersfield California - How To Get Viagra Prescription in Newport News Virginia

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