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February 6, 2013

Here are 3 cool things you can do:

1. Read a story or book aloud and video it! Your video can only show the book so everyone will be able to see the photos and hear you read ;)  So fun! Just click here to load it onto iTwixie!

2. Have your BFFs take turns reading a poem or a book to each other to celebrate Read Aloud Day! Tell iTwixie (in the comments below) about it so that we can share your news on iTwixie.

3. Plan a time to read aloud while someone is driving. Choose a book you both enjoy. Tell iTwixie about it. You can even ask for ideas for what to read.

World Read Aloud Day is in one month on March 6, 2013.   

Let’s all find a way to celebrate by Reading Aloud. Reading ROCKS! 

Viagra without prescription in Lubbock Texas, Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Pomona California

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