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http://www.commune-cailly.fr/filoime/krepost/165 Write a little campfire story and you could win Writer of the Month!

partnersuche УЄrzteblatt Just finish this paragraph and you can be included in a vote next week for the  busco mujeres solteras para amistad iTwixie Writer of the Month for JULY! KEWL! Just write 3-5 sentences. Then we’ll feature YOUR paragraph next week in a special vote. helpful hints  The winner will get a gorgeous writer’s journal from our friends at Compendium!

silicon 32 dating Get writing, girls! The vote begins on July 26!

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http://ducove.sk/milno/3836 “Yellow eyes peered through the darkness. My fire burned bright between me and those eyes. A cat? Dog? Bear? I wondered. Then I heard footsteps and a…”

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  1. CRASH! Something was in the bushes, coming closer and closer. I trembled in fear and tried to cry out, but I barely made a squeak. the marshmallow I was roasting was burnt and long forgotten. all I could think about was what was there? a dog? a cat? a rat? a snake? a bear? or, was it my nightmare come true?? a werewolf? the thing was coming closer and closer. I wanted to jump over my chair and run, but I was frozen in my spot. the thing was now directly behind the bushes, and was rustling, like it was looking for something. then, suddenly, it leapt out of the bushes, crying “I found it, I found it!” I breathed a sigh of relief. it was only my BFF Karin! now I remember, she was looking for her water bottle, which had rolled away while we were roasting marshmallows. I told her that I heard rustling. and I scared me, but I was ok now. and then I remembered the yellow eyes. frightened, I told Karin about the yellow eyes. wordlessly, she grabbed her flashlight, and pointed it towards the bushes, searching for something that could have reflected. the 2 creepy eyes reappeared, and I jumped back in fright again. Karin swiveled her light towards the eyes, while I held my breath, ready to really scream this time. Karin’s flashlight went over the 2 eyes, and saw 2 creepy-looking… see through beads. Karin told me that they probably reflected on the fire and looked like eyes. then we cracked up, really hard. I mean, the whole time, I was scared of 2 harmless little beads.

  2. ghostly figure came upon me then I noticed the figure looked quite familiar. Then the noise it made, made me a bit scared I became frightened then I backed away then suddenly roar! I screamed so loudly the whole campsite heard me. Finally I noticed it was my obnoxious enemy Keisha. She was wearing a stupid mask to scare me. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t fuss her out at all so instead of doing that I took out my diary and wrote some things I know I can’t say out loud like- ughh what are you doing here Keisha…

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