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You Could Be November’s Writer of The Month!


Every month, iTwixie’s editors give you a writing prompt to finish ANY WAY you want. This is a chance to let those creative juices flow! Go wild when you write your paragraph. Be crazy. Be daring. And have fun!

Ready to give it a try?  Here’s this month’s prompt:

“It was a Thanksgiving I will never forget. My family had just sat down to a table overflowing with delicious dishes when the doorbell rang. When I went to answer the door I couldn’t believe who was standing there…”

You have until November 22 to submit your amazing entry. Then we will create a poll showcasing all the creative, cool ideas we’ve collected. For a week, the girls at iTwixie will read them all carefully — and vote for who they want to be iTwixie’s Writer of the Month. We will announce the winner on November 29!

The winner gets a cool writer’s journal from our friends at Compendium — and earn this cool achievement:

writerofthemonthWe can’t wait to hear from you!


(Photo Credit: Caitlinator)

  1. …President Obama! He looked at me and shook my hand. He said, “Hi young lady. I heard you want to be President one day. So I thought I would come and say hi and let you know that it’s because of that dream that I became President. So don’t stop dreaming. And work hard. You can do it.”

    I looked at the President and I know my jaw had dropped. I gulped. And I guess I said, “It is such an honor to meet you Mr. President,” but I don’t remember saying that. My mom told me I didn’t look nervous at all. But wow, I was shaking from head to toe.

    I do remember saying, “Thank you and I won’t let you down.”

    He said, “I know you won’t.”

    And just like that he left. There was a huge long line of cars parked in front of my house with police officers and men and women dresssed in black with dark sunglasses on. But I swear I saw hands pop out of the sunroof of one of the limos and wave to me. Do you think that they were the Obama girls? Who knows. But I think I know what I’m going to do one day. I’m going to be the President of the United States.

  2. ….my grandfather? But I thought he died. It looks exactly like him, his smile, his eyes, everything! But I couldn’t believe it, it can’t be true. Suddenly his smile vanished. “What’s wrong Amy?” He asked. I took a step back, “Ummmm Who are you?” His smile appeared again, “It’s me, Grandpa Wilson.” “Uhhhh OK, MOOOOMMMM!” I shouted. My mother appeared, when she saw the man who was supposedly my grandfather she screamed. His smile disapeared again and he muttered something under his breath. I turned to see my mother out cold on the floor, when I turned around the man vanished right in front of me. ” OK I’m gonna need a bucket of water and a towel STAT!

  3. ..A cute little girl with the serious grey eyes. She said her name was Nico and that her parents and two siblings were at the homeless shelter. She said that they didn’t approve of begging, but they didn’t have any food, even though they were at a homeless shelter. We invited her in and gave her two heaps of mashed potatoes, one scoop of cranberry sauce, three piles of stuffing, half the turkey and a pumpkin pie. She asked if we could drive her back, and my parents and cousins, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, all piled in our minivan like sardines. The shelter sure was a drab place. The walls were grey and crumbling. On the bright side, the food cheered everyone up. A toothless old lady actually hugged me! When we left I felt SO thankful to have a non-crumbling roof over my head. It was the most touching Thanksgiving EVER.

  4. …my long lost Aunt Jenna! She had vanished in Bangladesh two years ago, and here she was at our doorstep! It was a perfect Thanksgiving surprise. Over turkey dinner she filled us in on how she was kidnapped, but got away, then fell in love, but got heartbroken, and several other adventures that led her back home! Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

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