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Write a Poem about a book you read, right here, to join the Battle!!

Watch for next week’s iTwixie Summer Books Battle Leader Board email and see if you are in the lead!

The battle lasts ALL SUMMER LONG, so get BATTLING!

  1. Humans are like cups.
    Every flaw is a hole in the cup.
    If you try to put water in it, it just flows out.
    It’s useless.
    If you put a light inside a flawless cup, the light is trapped.
    But if you put a light inside a flawed cup
    the light glows.
    It flares.
    It shines and ignites the darkness.
    People’s light shines through their flaws.
    People are like cups.

  2. You may not like yourself
    You try to be someone else
    You do things you don’t like
    To fit in.
    But I say:
    “Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of somebody else”
    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment anyone can achieve”
    “Be amazing. Be awesome. Be you.”
    And though you may think this is corny, and that it doesn’t matter to me
    That’s not true.
    I care.
    It matters.
    You may just carry about life and ignore me
    But even though I may not have met you
    I like you just the way you are.

    This may not be a poem but more of an inspirational text, but I thought I should post it. It’s a quote from a book I’m writing.

  3. Darkness
    “Darkness creeping in my window
    Pounding at my feet
    Then I flick on a light
    Then the evil darkness disappears
    All is safe till the light burns out
    Then darkness will start to slowly kill me inside and out.”

  4. “I pick you roses with my bare hand
    The color of my blood is red,
    I make the flowers bloom and blossom
    Then I leave them by your pillow.” By: Jessy

  5. How to say “I love you” without saying a word

    In this world, so dark cruel.
    Where life is lifeless, loveless.
    You sit alone in a corner shivering.
    Wondering why.
    People continue to walk by without a care.
    You beg for warmth, but they curse you.
    You beg for a hug, but they hurt you.
    You bed for life, but they murder you.
    Then one special soul walks by.
    She sees you alone, shivering in the ice.
    You walk up to her, wondering is she will finally accept you.
    She pets you, hugs you, and gives you a purpose of life.
    She takes you home and nurtures you.
    You can’t say anything to thank her.
    But you can do something.
    You hop on her lap full of purrs.
    You nudge her with your silly whisker.
    You go in circles and then plop down.
    You purr and purr into sleep.
    She smiles and says back “I love you too.”

    So if it is a dog, cat, horse, or bird.
    They can all say ” I love you”
    Without saying a word.

    There are animals all around the world dying. Don’t be a bystander.

    • This would be awesome to post in the Save the Animals Club! Great job ;)

    • I have two cats, a dog, and a fish and I volunteer at the Naperville Humane Society and ADOPT pet shelter. I know what you mean. (Cats are my fav animal, but dogs are a close second. And honestly, I’m a little scared of horses after one bit me like 2 years age. It hurt.)

  6. This poem is about Lady Marion, from the film Robin of Sherwood:

    She’s fair and beautiful,
    Fragile yet strong,
    Graceful as a bird,
    Her aim is true.
    Her eyes,
    So big and green,
    Survey the forest peacefully,
    Yet with contempt for the greedy, the evil, and the cruel.
    Her hair,
    So red as a robin’s chest,
    Flames like the sun.
    Lady Marion of Leaford,
    So beautiful,
    Has been married to Robin of Loxley by Herne the Hunter.
    Marion of Leaford,
    So pretty, so elegant, so brave.

  7. This is my poem about a horse in the moon.

    Dancing in a pool of moonlight,
    There was a mare,
    She was graceful and fair.
    Her mane she tossed in the moon glow sky,
    Her hooves don’t touch the ground, they fly.
    She’s proud, stern, fair, gentle, and beautiful.
    She’s moon-glow.

  8. This poem is about Herne, a forest spirit.

    He wonders here and there,
    Around the trees, pass the bushes, near the bears lair.
    He finds the way through the forest easily,
    He’s the hunter,
    Wise and old, yet ageless.
    He’s the hunter.


  9. This poem is based on Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R Tolkien.
    Part 1.

    Long ago,
    There was a dark foe.
    Man and elf fought,
    Most of them were sure they were caught,
    In the terrible web of death.
    But they fought with braveness in their hearts,
    And victory was near.
    But Sauron, Lord of Middle Earth,
    Came forwards and with his black staff,
    Swept away the armies of good.
    Isilidur’s father was killed by Sauron,
    He casth down his sword in grief.
    Then came Sauron, terror, dread and thief.
    Thief of life, he was.
    Isilidur was furious, he reached for his sword.
    Sauron stamped on the blade,
    Yet Isilidur ran him through.
    Sauron was killed.
    Isilidur found the Ring of Sauron,
    And did not destroy it.
    Then he was killed, later in life,
    The Ring was left in a pond,
    Left in mystery.
    Then a hobbit took it decades later
    And then left his home.

    Part 2

    Frodo Baggins took up the journey of pain,
    To free Middle Earth, to destroy Sauron,
    Since he came back to might.
    Foes, and barely friends he met,
    The Nine, Orks, Goblins, and terrible things.
    Gollom assisted them, yet turned traitor.
    At the last moment, when the climax was at its peak,
    The goodness away did it leak.
    Frodo, entranced by the Ring, calamined the Ring.
    Sam, who had journeyed so faithfully next to him,
    Howled in despair.
    Then Frodo put on the Ring.
    Then Gollom came, and his old greed for the Ring surged up again,
    He fought, brutally, with more strength than men.
    He bit of Frodo’s finger,
    And Frodo, furious, did not linger.
    He lunged at Gollom,
    A horrible fight began.
    Than they fell of The Crack of Doom,
    And there Gollom fell in the lava, with the Ring.
    But Frodo clung on, like a helpless thing,
    And Sam begged him not to let go.
    Then he seized Frodo’s hand and pulled.
    The Ring was destroyed,
    Sauron defeated.
    Frodo and Sam escaped the lava for a while.
    ”It is done,” said Frodo.
    They drifted off to the Land of Nod,
    Knowing for sure they would never come back.
    But wise Gandalf came on the Eagles,
    And rescued them.
    Aragorn,who had fought so bravely for Frodo, was made king.
    The Ring was destroyed, all was well.

    The End


  10. In this world of the simple and odd,
    the bent and plain,
    the impalenced bod,
    the imperfect people,
    and differently pawed,
    some live without love,
    thats how their flawed

  11. based on “I’ll be there” by Holly Goldberg Sloan

    I didn’t know you
    you sat in that pew
    and heard
    me sing
    that botched solo
    I sang it to you
    and now
    I will always be there

  12. I heard this poem somewhere, but I can’t remember where. I don’t think I copied it word for word, but you still get the point.

    A black man sits on a bench labeled “Whites Only.”
    A white man says, “No colored people allowed.”
    The black man says,
    “When I was born I was BLACK,
    When I grew up I was BLACK,
    In the sun I am BLACK,
    When I’m sick I am BLACK,
    When I’m scared I’m BLACK,
    and when I die I’ll be BLACK.”

    When you were born you were PINK,
    When you grew up you were WHITE,
    In the sun you are RED,
    When you’re sick you are GREEN,
    When you’re scared you are PALE,
    and when you die you’ll be PURPLE.
    And you have the nerve to call me colored?”

    Quietly, the white man walks away.

  13. This is a poem about the poem Beowulf. It is about the slaying of She, Grendel’s mother. Enjoy!

    She Be Gone
    She was waiting for Beowulf to come
    Down to her dark, grimy lair for some “fun”.
    She knew that Beowulf was coming down.
    When Beowulf got there, there was a sound.
    The monster was coaxing Beowulf in,
    And pulled Beowulf against her hard skin.
    Beowulf took a swing at her long arm.
    But She felt no pain or any alarm.
    Beowulf let out a rebellious cry
    That said that She was going to die.
    Our hero grasped the monster’s long limbs
    And gave a fierce speech that burst out of him.
    During the outcry She drifted to sleep.
    Beowulf saw his chance to kill the creep.
    Beowulf strangled She’s gross, wet neck
    And off she went, to the bowels of heck.
    So Beowulf was free of her tight grasp.
    She’s raging fury was beaten at last.

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