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Famous Women Engineers

Best place to buy Viagra no prescription in Inglewood California, Buy Viagra online fast delivery in Torrance California

No. 24: Apple's Myra Haggerty

If you are like Myra Haggerty, you have big dreams. And if you work hard, you can be like her, and become vice president of a great company. Haggerty leads sensor software and UX prototyping at Apple. Maybe you’ll work at Apple one day, too! And if you like all the ways Apple devices respond to touch input, from the fingerprint sensor to multi-touch controls, you can thank Haggerty and her team. She’s virtually never in the limelight, rarely speaks at conferences or the like, even though she’s been at Apple for 23 years and has been part of multiple patents. Her work has influenced everything from the Mac to the iPhone. She’s a superstar and it all started when she had big dreams as a little girl, just like you.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this incredible list of engineers!
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