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RMU Role Models: Prove Yourself

briana_smithBriana T. Smith

PNC Financial Services
Business Systems Analyst
Retail MIS Sales & Service

Briana works at PNC Bank in their Financial Services division. She says she helps people. PNC says she helps people use technology better. She sure sounds smart to us!

iTwixie: When did you know you wanted to work at PNC?

Briana:  I interned for PNC in college and learned that is was a great company. That’s when knew I wanted to get a job at PNC. And here I am.

iTwixie: Did you ever have to overcome a challenge and how did you do it?

Briana: I’ve always been a “prover.” I always want to prove myself to people. When I got to RMU, I started to realize that a lot of kids were a lot smarter than me. But my sister told me that college isn’t a test of who is smartest. College is a test of who arranges their priorities. And she was definitely right. I made sure studying stayed the number one priority. I needed to get good grades. So I went to the RMU tutoring center and got the help I needed to do my best. It worked.

 When you look back at your years at RMU, what do you feel most proud about accomplishing?

BrianaI made my mom cry during my acceptance speech. It’s true! I was given the Rising Star award from RMU. It’s the second highest award you can receive at RMU. I asked my parents to stand up as I accepted it. They had tears streaming down their faces. My mom asked me why I would do that when she was crying so hard. They were ecstatic.

iTwixie: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing girls today?

Briana: There are not enough positive role models.

iTwixie: What advice do you have for girls?

Briana: My first piece of advice would be, be yourself. You just want to fit in. You’re perfectly normal! Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow. Find people who want to see you do good. Do every thing you can to keep them in your corner. Take as many opportunities as you can. Never limit yourself. Just take those first steps and you’ll achieve those goals.

iTwixie: Why are tennis balls fuzzy?

Briana: So they don’t hurt you when they hit you.

Wow, Briana, you really are a prover! You proved to us that YOU are amazing. And that is great advice – always prove yourself. Love that. You rock!

Ok, iTwixie girls, what do you think of Briana’s advice? Ready to prove yourself to the world? Pretty inspirational, yes?  Why do YOU think tennis balls are fuzzy? Tell us right here, in the comments section below!


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